The Surrogate Father

10. Wedding Plans [2]

Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta

”Well, thats our lecture this morning. See you at the next meeting. ” A lecturer in an introductory economics course came out of the classroom. A few moments later, the classroom was quiet, leaving a student sitting pensively by the window and several other students who were packing their stationery while conversing.

”Emily, you
e not coming out? We still have college after this ”, another student admonished her friend.

”Yes, I know. You go ahead. Ill catch up ” still in the same position, Emily continued her daydream.

How are you, del? I haven heard from you in a long time. Are you well now? I miss our togetherness.

”Emily, Miss Erinas college is about to start. Lets get you to class or we
e gonna get in trouble. ”

”Go, I don want to go to college. ”

” Hi can be like that Emily ”, a friend grabbed Emily by the arm and forced her to come to class.

Not long after, a figure feared by students entered the lecture hall. Gray trousers, a white shirt with lace accents on the front neck, a blazer matching the pants, a hair-tied hairnet, and an anti-storm crest add to the impression of perfectionism of a miss Erina. Step by step drove past the rows of benches that had been filled by students. There was not a single word that students dared to say when they were dealing with this one lecturer.

”Good morning everybody. ”

”Good Morning miss. ”

”What? ”

”Good Morning miss ”, all students compactly revise their greetings.

”Good. Well, before we start college this morning, Ill give you the good news. Today, a friend who has not seen us for a long time will return to join this class. ”

A little bit of noise happened. ”Come in, Boy! ”

Slowly but surely, a step from a young woman passed towards the front of the class.

”Remember him? ”

”Huh, Adelia? ”, in the loudest voice, Emily showed her expression of happiness. He did not expect that the best friend he missed the most would return with him.

”Thats right, Emily. Miss knows you must have known Adelia before, but Miss needs to convey that Adelia has experienced amnesia after the accident she experienced, so she lost some of her memories. For that take care of him and do not force him to remember anything heavy. Can you understand this? ”

”Understand Miss ”

”Alright Adelia, you can sit with your friends. ”

”Thank You Miss. ”Adelia walked to the empty bench behind Emily, and the lecture began.

After the lecture, Adiwangsa had prepared in the car to wait for his daughter. He parked his vehicle, turned off the engine, and relaxed his muscles for a moment.

Knock… knock … someone knocked on the windshield from the outside.

”I opened the lock. ”

Adiwangsa was surprised and immediately unlocked the car. ”Have you finished college, son? ”

”Already dad. Have you been waiting for me? ”

”Not yet dear. ” Adelia jumped into the front seat. ”Are you ready? ”

”Huh? Ready for what, dad? ”

”Today is the schedule to meet with the wedding organizer son. ”

”Is that fast, dad? ”

”Adelia, nak Hendras family has arranged everything, we just have to follow it. We
e leaving now. ”

Adelia just nodded lazily, was this decision I took correct? If it is true, then what is it with this heart?

A few minutes later, Adiwangsa and Adelia arrived in front of Ripah Coffee and Eatery. One of Hendras favourite places to hold a meeting. Inside the cafe, Hendra had been waiting for the arrival of his future wife and father-in-law.

”Adelia, Mr. Adiwangsa, ” Hendra waved his hand.

”Oh thats her son Hendra, over here son, ” Adiwangsa Master leads his daughter. ”Sorry for the long wait, son, Adelia just finished college. ”

”No problem sir. What do you and Adelia want? ”

”No, Hendra. ” For the first time, Adelia let out her voice.

”So what about your wedding plans? ”

”Well, first introduce this friend of mine from the wedding organizer. He will take care of all the wedding ceremonies. ”

”Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I will help organize the event according to the requests of the bride and groom and family. First, I want to confirm again whether it is true that the wedding will be held on the 10th of next month? ”

”Yes, thats right. ”

”Wait, next month? ”

”Adelia, watch your attitude son, you have to calm down. ”

”Dad, this is too fast for me. Hendra, I just got back from college, how can I get married so soon? ”

Hendra smiled calmly. She knew Adele would do that. ”I know Adele. I know enough about your current position as a student. But whats wrong if we keep getting married? You can still go to college after we get married, right? ”

”Hendra, its still me…. ”

”My daughter, this is for the sake of the baby that is in your womb right now. The longer he will grow the larger, and it will be more difficult to hide him. Especially now that you
e in college, right? ”

Dad was right, and this baby is going to grow up. What if everyone knew he grew up and was born without a father? What about his future? No, I can be selfish.

”Adelia, whats wrong with you? ”

”Well, Hendra, Im going with your decision. ”

Hendra breathed with relief, ” glad to hear your answer is del. Please continue, Sir. ”Hendra gave instructions to the wedding organizer to continue his service.

”Well I continue. So the show is for the 10th of next month. The event will be attended by important guests from various large companies, so we have several luxury wedding packages for ladies and gentlemen. ”

The explanation of the wedding package offered runs minute by minute. Wedding promotion explains one by one the items it has with a very professional, prioritizing customer satisfaction rather than profit alone. ”So how are you ladies and gentlemen? Have you found an option? ”

”I love the number 1 wedding. What do you think del? ”

”I don like it. ” with a curt and uninspired tone, Adelia answered questions from Hendra.

”Well, what about Number 4? ”

”Too many, I don like it either. ”

”Adelia, don make it difficult for nak Hendra. Come on, kid, seriously. ”

”Im serious dad. If I wasn serious, would I be here now? ”

Adiwangsa only silently heard a piercing answer from his daughter.

”It doesn matter Mr Adiwangsa, maybe Adelia is already tired, so she is less excited at the moment. ”Hendra forced his smile ”Del, we continue a little more until we find the option for the wedding package, after that, we will continue this meeting another day with my family as well. Are you ready? ”

”Yeah, just do it. ”

”Good. Which wedding package do you like? ”

”Number 1 only. ”

”Are you sure? Don you like it less? ”

”No, I changed my mind, now I like it. ”

Huh… this woman is testing patience. Luckily, Im trying to take her heart. See you later after successfully marrying her, Don expect me to do something embarrassing like this again.

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