The Surrogate Father

6. I Promise I\'ll See You.

The first meeting with the wedding organizer is over. Sales wedding has said goodbye home, followed by Adelia and Mr Adiwangsa.

”Don you want to go home, Sonny? ” ask Adiwangsa to his son-in-law.

”Oh yes sir, I still continue a little more work here. ”

”Take care of your health, bye. ”

”Be careful on the road, Sir. ”

Mr Adiwangsa and Adelia stepped away from the meeting table. Leaving Hendra with empty glasses and plates still arranged on the table. He took a breath, leaned his body on the White cafe chair, and stretched his muscles for a moment.

Whatever happens, this marriage must continue. Fuck Adelia, who feels forced or something. I had to make him have no other choice for this. Hendra smiled maliciously. His ambition to obtain the status of an heir had defeated his conscience.

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”Yes wait a minute. ”Mbok Darmis voice from inside the House sounded closer and closer. Slowly, the door opened.

”Congratulations pa … gi… ”

”Good Morning mbok Darmi ”

”Oh Mr. Hendra, Sir together? ”

”Let me introduce you to my mom and dad. Mr. Adiwangsa and Adelia are at home? ”

”Sir, please come in! ” Darcy, please welcome your guests.

”Ill call you Mr. and Mrs. Adelia first. ”

”Okay, mum, Thank you. ”

A few moments later, Adiwangsa was still busy persuading Adelia to come down to meet Wibisanas family.

”Dad, Im not feeling well. Ill go see them. ”

”Adelia, whats wrong with you son? Didn yesterday you have agreed to continue with this wedding plan? ”

”Yes, but not so fast. Im not ready. ”

”When are you ready, son? Until your baby is born without a father? ”

Adelia was silent. These are the words that hurt him the most.

”Come on, kids, they
e waiting for us. ”

”I want to be here. I went down to meet them. ”

”Can be Adelia, you are her bride-to-be. At least appreciate them coming to this house, son. Please. ”

Seeing her fathers persistent pleas, Adelias heart softened. He obeyed the words of Adiwangsa. He got out of bed, tidied up his appearance, and then went downstairs to meet his future mother-in-law.

”Adelia ”

”Aunty. Im sorry I kept my aunt and uncle waiting so long. ”

”No problem son. Are you out of body? ”

”Oh, ” Adele looked at her father. ”Yes, maam, I haven been feeling well in a while. ”

”Oh please sit back, Mr. and Mrs. Wibisana. ”Adiwangsa said deliberately changed the subject.

”Thank you sir. Okay so the purpose of our arrival here is to talk about the continuation of Adelia and Hendras wedding plans. ”

”Yes Madam, a few days ago me, Adelia and nak Hendra had time to meet with the wedding organizer. ”

”Hendra told us, sir. We apologize for deciding to come in person to discuss this wedding plan. We just want everything to go smoothly and nothing to miss considering that this event is a big event. ”

”No problem madam. We can understand. Well, if thats the case, what about the Wibisana familys plan for this wedding? ”

”We have reserved the building for his wedding, Sir. The Wedding organizer who came with Hendra yesterday was also on the recommendation of us. At its core, our family wants this event to be celebrated magnificently and festively. What do you think? ”

”For the concept of the event, I personally leave everything to the wibisana family, Madam. Isn that Adelia? ”

Adelia widened her eyes. He looked confused from the beginning of the conversation, he did not listen at all to the conversation that took place.

”Del, whats wrong with you? I guess youve been out of focus a lot these days? ”

”Um … I just often feel anxious. Thats why I lack focus. Maybe its the effect of my early pregnancy. ”

”Right Hendra, women who are pregnant are more sensitive. In addition, the mood can quickly change. So we have to be patient. You also have to practice more patience with women, especially soon you will also become a father. ”

Huh, husband? Dad? Maybe only on paper. My main goal is papas company, and soon I will get it.

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”Hi Emily ”

”Oh Adelia? ”

”Am I bothering you? ”

”Of course not. Is there anything I can do for you? ”

”Um … yes. Its about your statement to me the other day. You said I was your best friend, right? ”

”Ah those words. Del, before you had the accident, we were very close. Often spend time together, study together, sleep together, Student Study Service together…. ”

Wait, Student Study Service? No, I shouldn mention it right now.

”What is the real working College Program you mean Emily? ”

”Huh? Yes, del, thats what I mean. ”

”Wow, are we really close? ”

”Yes, del, weve been friends for a long time. ”

”Do you still have photos of us together? I want to see Emily. ”

”Are you sure about del? What about your memory condition? ”

”Won harm me Emily, don worry. ”

”Ba…. all right. ” Hesitantly, Emily opened the photos and some videos on her phone and then showed them to Adelia. ”This is del, our photo in the early semester of college. Still innocent and adorable, isn it? ”

”Hahaha you
e right Emily, look at your cheeks are still very fat. ” Things are starting to come back to both of them. Cheerful laughter filled every corner of the lecture hall. Adelia continued to look at one-by-one photos on her best friends cell phone.

”Emily, is this a photo of us doing Student Study Service? ”

Oh, my god, its up to the seven hundred and forty-sixth photo. Soon the photo will reach the mark of seven hundred and sixty. It was a photo of a forced marriage between Adelia and Chan. Oh no, its not time for Adelia to see all that.

”Em… del, I just remembered, my mom told me to call her right now. Can I borrow my phone for a minute? ”

”Oh, but its Emilys college hour, Why did your mother ask to be on the phone? ”

”I don know, del, so Ill call to ask about it. ”

”Okay, heres your phone. ”

”Thank you Adelia, Ill be back soon. ” deftly, Emily took the phone from Adelias hands and immediately took it out of the room.

”Emily, what are you doing here? Professor is coming soon, come on in! ”

”Huh? Yeah, wait a minute. ”Emily was getting more and more indecisive, she had to come up with logical reasoning about her mother so that Adelia would not suspect anything. ”All right, take a breath, relax Emily ”.

What happened to Emily? Why does he look panicked when I ask him about Student Study Service? Is he hiding something? Ah, but no way, he said that he was my best friend. So theres no way hes hiding anything from me.

A few minutes later, the lecturer walked toward the lecture hall. Emily, who witnessed it, immediately went back into the room and sat next to Adelia.

”Hi, have you finished calling your mom? ”

”Su … already. ” with a forced smile, Emily tried to cover up her panic.

Good morning everyone!

”Hust, the lecture has started Adelia. Happy learning! ”

”All right. ”

Huh, thank goodness.

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