The Surrogate Father

3. Are You My Husband?

”Adelia, are you okay? ”While touching Adelias hand, Chan tried to wake her up from a daydream a few months ago.

”Oh, um … yeah. Im fine. ” For a moment, the conversation stopped again and was silent.

”Del, I know this matter is a tough one, but we shouldn rush things, we
e still the sixth semester, Del, still - ”

”Then, do you think this baby will wait until you graduate? ” cut Adelia high-pitched.

”Im sorry. ”

”Now tell me how to deal with all this, Chan? ” Adelias emotions began to rise.

Without a word, Chan could not answer Adelias question, whose face was already flushed, hiding an emotion about to explode. He felt guilty for his wife but did not know what to do. Not long after, Adelia rushed to get her bag, stood up, and just left Chan.

Rosella Kitchen Parking Lot

The wind blows slowly, and the scorching sun is stinging overhead. Frowning and squinting, Adelia hastily walked past the rows of cars lined up along the parking corridor. His heart is broken, and his mind is in turmoil. His feet were walking, but his mind was floating.

Bim … bim …

At the crossroads, Adelia was shocked by the sound of the horn, which this time sounded very loud from behind. He turned his head and saw a black sedan car driving uncontrollably towards him. The driver was seen giving signals from inside but had not been understood by Adelia.

Cittt … Brakkk …!

Adelia fell to the side of the road, her head hit the curb, and now she felt pain all over her body. A warm liquid began to flow, wetting his temples. Could this be my last time? Adelia is desperate. Chan, I love you. Adelia could not move her body. She only had time to hear the voices of many people around her, but slowly the voices disappeared, and everything looked dark.

”Is he okay? ” asked a white, tall, blue-eyed young man coming down from a black sedan. Instantly all eyes were on him.

”Hi, sir, you have to take responsibility. This woman is injured. Get him to the hospital! ” reply residents who saw the incident that afternoon in its entirety, followed by shouts of approval from the others.

”Yes, Sir. Take it easy, I will be responsible. ” The man rushed his mobile phone out of his trouser pocket and dialled the emergency call number of the nearest hospital.

The Yogyakarta City General Hospital

”Are you the husband of the patient? ” The doctor asked a question to the young man who drove the victim to the car accident this afternoon.

”Oh, no, doc. Im Hendra. Em, this afternoon I accidentally bumped into this lady. Hows it going now, Doc? ”

”Oh, sorry, I thought you were the patients husband. ”

Haha, husband? Do I look like that? Hendra kept laughing at himself.

”So heres the thing, sir, the patient is currently pregnant. We have done further examination, and luckily the womb is fine even though the patient is injured. ”

”Ah, thank goodness! Then what about the patients own wound, Doc? Can you recover soon or need more intensive treatment? ”

”For the results of the examination to date, only ordinary injuries, Sir, but we will continue to carry out further examinations of the patient. Have you contacted his family? ”

”Not Yet, Doc. Im still trying to contact his family. ”

”Well, then excuse me. ” The doctor walked away, leaving Adelia lying in a hospital bed. His eyes were closed, his forehead was wrapped in bandages, as were his hands and feet.

”Don you have a bag or something, Miss? ” the man asked as he looked around the treatment room, hoping to find Adelias belongings.

”Well, thats it. ”Hendra found Adelias bag, brought by residents when delivering Adelia to the hospital. With agility, Hendra immediately reached into the bag and took out some items.

”Wallet. ” Slowly Hendra opened the wallet he had just taken out of the bag. ”Ah, it turns out the makeup purse. Women always carry something like this with them wherever they are! ” he murmured. He began to put his hand back and look for other items. ”Perfume, hem … fragrance too. ” He inhaled the scent of perfume from a bottle that was still completely filled.

Hendra placed the items he had taken out of the bag on the patients bedside table. Not giving up, Hendra continued his adventure. ” Nah, cellphone ” Hendra found the object he was looking for. He rushed to open it, but the password got in the way. ”Ah shit. Well, maybe theres something else here ”. He again reached into Adelias bag. This time Hendra managed to find a small book. Hendra took the object out of the bag. ”It looks like a notebook. ” Hendra opened sheet by sheet before he finally found some information there.

”Oh, so her name is Adelia. Pretty name, like the guy. ” He stared at Adelia for a moment. ”Oh My God, Hendra! You are so disrespectful. Remember, this is someones wife! ”Hendra scolds himself. Hendra continued his observation on each page of the book. On the sheet to umpteen, he found an inscription, fathers number. With alacrity, Hendra pressed the buttons on the screen of his cellphone.

[Hello, good afternoon.] The old mans voice sounded hoarse on the other end.

[Hello, good afternoon. Excuse me, sir, is this true with the father of Adelia Nidya Adiwangsa?]

[Yes, thats right. I am Adiwangsa, the father of Adelia. Who is this with?]

[Introduce, I am Mahendra Wibisana, CEO of Wibisana Corporation. Em, Id like to inform you that your daughter is undergoing treatment … at the hospital … due to an accident. Adelia is currently in the Yogyakarta city hospital.] Hendra tried to explain in a stammering voice.

[Oh my god, my daughter! Hows he doing now? Is he all right?]

(Don worry, sir. Your daughter is acceptable, including the baby in her womb.]

What? Baby? said Mr Adiwangsa. Whose baby is this young man referring to? Could this be just a hoax? Or…

[Sir, can you visit Adelia at this time also in the hospital?] said Hendra destroying the Daydream of the middle-aged father.

[Oh, yeah, sure. Ill be right there.]

Tut! Adiwangsa hung up the phone, rushed to get the car keys and dashed off to the hospital.

After making the call, Hendra intends to clean up Adelias things. But something had fallen there, ” Photo? A woman and a man. Oh, is this the husband of Adelia, it seems that they are the same age. ”Hendra tried to identify a piece of the photo in his hand.

Ceklak …

The treatment room door slowly opened, and a middle-aged man barged in. ”Adelia, my daughter! ”

Sitting in a chair beside the patients bed, Hendra was shocked. He quickly put the bag and a 4×6 cm photo that became his research material beside Adelias bed. ”Lord Adiwangsa? Youve come ” ” said Hendra with a friendly smile like a seller meets his buyer.

”Yes, did you want Hendra to call me? ”

”Thats Right, Sir. Im Hendra. ” Hendra looked closely at the figure in front of him. Various analyses began to grow in his mind. Big height, strong posture, ideal body, decorated with a thick moustache, and sharp eyes, surely this master is a policeman, military, or the like. Ah, why do I feel tense facing this master? Hendra shook his head, trying to tear down the incoherent analysis he was stringing together.

”How can my son be like this? ”

Immediately the cold began to attack Hendra, and a cold sweat began to pour from his forehead. ”Em … this afternoon, I passed in front of Rosella Kitchen, I was confirming the position of the earphones, and suddenly the masters daughter appeared in front of my car. I could not control the pace of the car at that time. And with great regret, forgive me sir. ”

”Hem … i know, lately my son has been lacking focus, he seems to be carrying a heavy burden, you are innocent, take it easy, ” Mr Adiwangsas tone did not show anger because of this incident.

Knock … Knock … Knock …

”Sorry, Mr. Hendra, the medicine for the patient can be redeemed at the pharmacy, this is the recipe. ”The nurse barged in and gave Hendra a piece of paper.

”Well, thank you, Sister. ”

”Excuse me first. ”Sister stepped out of Adelias treatment room.

”Sir, Ill excuse you. Ill redeem the medicine for Adelia, ” with a friendly smile, Hendra asked permission from Mr Adiwangsa.

”Yes, please, Son. ”

Hendra darted out of the treatment room. Mr Adiwangsa looked at his daughter, stroked her forehead, and touched Adelias hand. Accidentally, Mr Adiwangsa nudged his daughters bag beside the bed, and the photo fell for the second time. Slowly he picked it up and then observed the smiling figure inside.

”Who is he? ”

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