Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta

”Emily! ” call Chan to the bespectacled girl with braided hair who is about to leave the Lecture Building of the Faculty of Economics.

”Chan, Are you here? ”

”Em, yes. Have you seen Adelia? Ive been looking around the Faculty of economics, but the results are nil, ” panting while fixing the location of his bag.

”Nng … so, you don know yet, Chan? ”

”Huh? Know about what? ” As soon as Chan stopped his activity, staring at Emily, with his forehead starting to shrink, Chans mind began to branch out forming some vague analysis.

”Two days ago, Adelia had an accident. ”Emilys answer was like a bolt of lightning in the heat of the day for Chan. Instantly his body trembled, his muscles limp. He was in the crowd but couldn hear anyone elses voice for a moment.

”Chan, Are you okay? ”Emily added, sobering Chan.

”What? To-accident? ”Chans weak voice reflects his deep heartache. ”Two days ago, Adelia and I still had time to eat together at Rosella Kitchen, is this all because of what I said the other day? ”Chan told himself.

”Look at him, Chan. Adelia must really need you right now. ”

In an instant, feelings of guilt began to creep over Chans body. ”Emily, where is the hospital? ”

e going to see him today, Chan? ”

”Quickly tell me, Emily! ”Unknowingly, Chan snapped at Emily.

”Yogyakarta city hospital, flamboyant room number two, ”Emily answered Chans question without pause, and she still couldn get rid of her talkative habits. ”Chan … can— ”

Not having had time for Emily to finish her words, Chan left her quickly. ”Thank you, Emily! ”Chan ran while shouting while waving his arms.

The Yogyakarta City General Hospital

”Adelia, its breakfast time. ”Hendra brought a tray with food to Adelias bed.

”Who are you, how dare you tell me? ”

”Haven I told you who I am, since you came to your senses yesterday? ”

”Let alone to remember that, who I am I do not know. ” Adelia is trying hard to get her memory back. ”Oh … my head …. ”

”Already, already. You can push yourself. The doctor said your memory will come back slowly. So, be patient. ” Hendra tried to calm Adelia.

That look. Who is he? Adelia is still trying hard to remember. ”Ouch … aw …! ” While holding her head, Adelia screamed a second time.

”Hem … will still insist on remembering everything? ”Hendra is getting tired of reminding. ”No, eat first. ”

Adelia gave up slowly, her little hand touching the food tray. The Aroma of the still hot soup came from the small white bowl. Tofu, tempeh, and hard-boiled eggs clashed into one as if waving to Adelia. ”Huek! ” Suddenly Adelias stomach felt spinning.

”Del, are you okay? ” Hendra is still standing watching Adelia.

”No, I feel nauseous smelling this food. ”

”Do you want some other food? ”

”No, I don want anything. ”

”If its like that, eat even just one spoon. You have to take medicine after this. ” Hendra stepped closer to Adelia.

”Wait, can I ask you a question? ” Immediately Adelias question stopped Hendras steps.

”Sure, please. ”

”Are … you my husband? ”

”Huh? Hendra was surprised and couldn help but laugh, ”hahaha …! ” He laughed with relief.

Seeing Hendras reaction, Adelia was silent for a moment and then threw a question. ”Hi, why are you laughing like that? Am I funny? ”

”Hahaha …, ”continued the rest of his laughter. ”That question is really strange, how can you think that I am your husband? ” Hendras face began to show seriousness.

”You accompany me every day, take care of me, take care of me, care about my health, are those things natural that a husband does not do to his wife? ”

Hendra pondered for a few moments. Its also true what this woman said. Then, why did I do it all? Say Hendra to yourself.

Adelia waved her right hand in front of Hendras face, which looked dreamy. ”Hi, answer my question, young man! ”

”Im not your husband, Miss. I am the man who has caused you to be treated in this place. I made a promise to myself to take care of you. ” A sweet smile began knotted at the corner of Hendras lips.

”Oh, yeah? So strange, why do you promise yourself like that? Whats in it for you? ”

Hendra did not expect that Adelia would ask for such details. Theres no way I can tell Adelia my real reason. Hendras memory returned to the incident two days ago, when he hit a girl in front of a restaurant and took her to the hospital.

Two days ago

”Mr. Adiwangsa, I have completed all the administration and also redeemed the medicine for Adelias treatment. Um … I guess my responsibility comes down to this, Sir. ”Hendra explained Mr. Adiwangsa.

”Wait, Son. Can I ask you a favor? ”

”What help, Sir? ”

”Son Hendra, I know, that you are a good person. You must have accidentally bumped into my daughter. My daughter is also guilty. Pity him, Son Hendra. My little daughter grew up without her mothers affection. There is no place for her to tell stories like other girls. ” Mr. Adiwangsa began to sob.

”Calm Down, Sir. Tell it slowly. ”

”Adelia was a jolly child, she always did things that made me laugh happily at it. However, lately, he is often moody. Adelia also became ill often. Every time I asked him to tell me, he refused. Im afraid something bad has happened to him, Son Hendra. ” Adiwangsa wiped back her tears.

”All Right, Sir. I can understand the feelings of Mr. Adiwangsa as a father. So what can I do to help you? ” Hendras social spirit comes into play in this situation.

”I found this photo on top of Adelias bag, ” handing Hendra a photo.

That photo, the one I saw. Adelia and a man, batin Hendra.

”Can you help me figure out who the man in this photo is? I suspect that it is this man in the photo that causes Adelia to be pregnant and moody at this time. ”

There was no reply from Hendra. Adiwangsa continued his tirade, ”How dare he do that to my daughter. Doesn he think about his future? Oh my god what if the baby is born? Where would I put my face? ”

Hendra seemed to think hard. This was not an easy decision for him. At the moment he is already preoccupied with his problems. Hendras parents demanded that he marry her immediately and give them grandchildren if they wanted to continue the family company.

”Ahem … Mr. Adiwangsa, I have an offer for you. ”

”Oh yeah? What is it? ”

”Look sir, I will assist you in investigating who the man in the photo is. But in return, I also want you and Adelia to help me to maintain my position in the company. ”

”What can we do to help you? ”

”You don want that baby, do you? I really need it, sir. Right now my parents are urging me to get married and give them grandchildren. If I don , my position in the company will be jeopardized. I will not be the successor of the family company. So I want you and your daughter to help me. ”

For a moment, Adiwangsa was silent. From the look on his face, he was contemplating.

”Alright, I accept your offer young man! ”


”Aw …! ” I heard Adelias voice in pain.

”Adelia, have you come to your senses, son? ”

”Adelia? Whos Adelia? ”

”You, Son. You are Adelia, my daughter. ”

”Who are you, sir? I don know you ” Adelia looked dazed.

”Im sorry, sir, I forgot to tell you this. Your daughter has amnesia due to the hard impact she experienced during the accident, ” explained Hendra.

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