The Surrogate Father

7. Tell Me, It\'s My Baby !

The sun has come out of his contention. The rhythm of birdsong fills every corner of the hospital garden. Some patients were seen sunbathing using wheelchairs accompanied by family members or people closest to the patient, including Adelia.

”Just stop here Hendra, I want to enjoy this air longer. ” Adelia asked Hendra, who was pushing her wheelchair from behind.

With alacrity, Hendra stopped Adelias wheelchair. ”All right, Princess, ” Adelia teased a little.

”Princess? Hahaha. I haven felt like this in a long time. ” Adelia seemed very happy to be able to interact directly with the dew, the morning breeze, and the hot sun.

”Calm down Del, after you go home later, you can enjoy it every day ”.

”Promise to stay with me even after I recover ”.

Hendra seemed surprised by Adelias words. He fell silent as he made a statement in his mind: of course del, we will live together as soon as possible. Youll get a husband, your baby will get a father, and Ill get inheritance rights to the company. I really can wait for that time to come.

”Hendra, why are you silent? You don want to keep me company? ”.

”Oh, um … yes del, I make sure that I will always be with you. ” While saying it, a knot smile was drawn on Hendras lips.

From a distance, Adiwangsa watched Adelia and Hendra. They look very harmonious. May this atmosphere always color their days. Im happy to see my daughter enjoying this kind of happiness. Perhaps it would be better if I hastened their marriage.Seeing Adelias togetherness with Hendra, Mr Adiwangsa made up his mind to marry his daughter immediately. Slowly, the middle-aged man walked up to Adelia and Hendra.

”Ahem… ”.

”Dad, Are you here?. ” Say hello to Adelia when she sees her father from behind.

”Yes, Son, I see you here. Is the arrival of dad disturbing? ”.

”Certainly not dad. We can enjoy this morning together ”. Adelias smile grew stronger. Like a harmonious family, they enjoy the company of a few jokes accompanied by occasional light laughter in the midst of it.

”Oh yes son, today you will undergo a final examination. Hopefully the results are good, and you can go home quickly ”. Stroking her daughters head.

”Really dad? ”

”Yes, of course ”.

”Im sure the result will be good. I feel very well Dad ”.

”Hahaha, Im so glad to hear that. After this, we can focus on your wedding plans ”.

Adelias smile faded, ”wedding plans? What do you mean? ”.

Gosh, I haven talked to him about this. ”Look, son, Im sorry I didn tell you this. Before the accident, you and son Hendra planned to get married shortly, but all of that had to be postponed because you had an accident ”.

”Wait, but dad, at that time Hendra said that he was the one who hit me. How can I marry someone who has hurt me? ”.

”Calm down, Adelia. At that time son Hendra intends to pick you up at Rosella Kitchen. In front of the entrance, you suddenly appear from the entrance. Nak Hendra was surprised and could not control the speed of his vehicle so that you came across nak. Believe me he didn do that on purpose, ”. Mr Adiwangsa began his essay. ”Isn that so Hendra? ”.

”Oh… em, yes. Thats right sir. Thats how it happened, del. Im sorry I didn tell you this yesterday ”.

”Why are you hiding Hendra? ”

”I … I didn hide it Del. You were still in bad shape. The doctor advised not to take you to communicate many things, so I prefer to be silent ”.

Adelia is pensive. She tries to come to terms with the circumstances, suddenly ”Huek ”.

”Del, whats wrong with you? ”.

”Im nauseous. Huek ”. Adelia held her stomach tightly, a sign that her nausea could not be controlled.

”Son Hendra, quickly take Adelia back to the treatment room, Ill go call the doctor ”.

”Good sir ”. Hendra rushed to push Adelias wheelchair while occasionally calming Adelia.

Arriving at the treatment room, ” ” Excuse me, sorry, sir, we are about to examine the patient ”. A doctor and a nurse entered Adelias treatment room.

”Please doctor ”.

”Well, miss Adelia, were there any complaints until this morning? ”.

”Im sick of Doc. Very nauseous this morning ”.

”Oh its a natural symptom experienced by pregnant women in the first trimester, there is nothing to worry about, you will soon recover ”.

”What Doc? Pregnant Mom? ”.

Immediately everyone who was there looked at each other. ”Let me explain it to Adelia dok ”.

”Oh well sir. I continue the examination, Mrs. Adelia ”.

A nurse who accompanied the doctor recorded the results of Adelias examination. After a while, the doctor said the results of his examination to Mr Adiwangsa, ”Mr. Adiwangsa, May I speak with you? ”.

”Oh, of course doctor. ”Mr Adiwangsa immediately followed the doctor, who moved a few steps away from his patients bed.

”Sir, your daughter is currently in good condition. Everything is normal and there is nothing to worry about including the content. Its just that its about the memory of the master ”.

”What happened to his memory, Doc? ”. Adiwangsa asked with a high curious tone.

”Adelias memory stopped long before she had an accident. Its likely that he can remember things or events right before your daughter had an accident. He will forget where he lives now, who his friends are, and anything else that is so close to him ”.

”Can those memories come back quickly Doc?. ”Reply Adiwangsa asked for certainty from the doctor.

”That memory can go back a long time, Sir. It also has to be with the routine stimulus provided. ” The doctor described in detail the picture of Adelias condition as a whole.

Isn this better for Adelia? He no longer remembered the young man named Chan for a while.

”Alright sir, since the overall result is relatively good, Adelia can leave the hospital today ”. Smile kindly to Adiwangsa.

”Ah thank you very much doctor, I will immediately take care of the administration and take Adelia home ”.

”Thank you, sir, excuse me. ” The doctor left the treatment room.

”Dad … what did the doctor mean? Im pregnant? ”.

Adelias question immediately made Mr Adiwangsa think hard.

”Em … del, can I explain it to you? I know for a fact it is very difficult also for your father. So let me help explain everything ”. Hendra looked at Adiwangsa with allied eyes.

”Say Hendra ”.

”Alright, so right now its true that you
e pregnant with del. An irresponsible young man has done it to you. He left you when he found out that you were pregnant, until finally that time your father asked me to pick you up and unexpected accidents occurred ”.

”What? So I am this… ”.

”Adelia calm down, I love you very much from the moment we met, I was ready to become a husband and father of your child. Thats my promise ”.

”Huh? Im hina Hendras woman, Im dirty, I…. ” Adelia is hysterical.

Hendra hugged Adelia, trying to calm her down. ”Hust, no del, listen to me. You are the woman I wish I had in my life. Everything will be fine, believe me ”.

”Adelia, calm down son, I know this is very difficult for you. But nak Hendra is the right man for you. You will get married soon, everything will be fine ”.

The embrace of the two men in the treatment room enveloped Adelias body. A blank look and tears still fell down his cheeks.

”Alright kid, lets get ready to go home ”.

Faculty Of Engineering Atma Jaya University

”Chan, all the administration is complete? ”.

”Mr. Tony, I have all my documents ready. ”

”Great, the faculty car will take you to the airport. Get ready and safe flight. ”Said lecturer Toni, patting Chan on the shoulder and leaving him.

”Ah yes sir, thank you, ” Chan replied with a forced smile. His mind was still floating. His soul has not calmed down because, until now, he has not had time to meet Adelia. What should I do now? I really can do anything for Adelia. Argh … Chan hit his head.

”Chan, the car is ready to take you to the airport, are you leaving now?, ”The Voice of the faculty car driver stopped Chans action.

”Oh yes, lets go now ”.

On the way to the airport, Chan was just pensive, his body was in the car, but his mind drifted towards the hospital. Del, Im really not at ease thinking about you. How are you doing right now?Suddenly his mind flashed to Emily. Chan immediately grabbed his mobile phone. Her slender fingers immediately searched for Emilys contact and pressed the call button.


[Emily, its me, Chan]

(Yes, I know, I have your number.)

(Oh yeah, Im sorry.)

[Whats calling me?]

[Em … its still Emily, I want to ask you about Adelias condition]

[Didn you go to the hospital yesterday?]

[I did go there, but I haven seen Adelia yet. I got a call from a lecturer, and now Im assigned to Makassar for a campus program]

[Wow, I haven known Adelias condition since a few days ago, Chan, Im not brave enough to call Adelias father]

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