The Surrogate Father

8. Meeting With Future In-Laws

Green Kaira Yogyakarta

”Is this our home, dad? ” Get out of the car, close the car door and look around the house like a stranger who has just set foot in a new environment.

”Son, this is our home. ”Mr Adiwangsa and Hendra were busy taking out a bag containing Adelias belongings while in the hospital.

”Let me take him, Sir! ” Pinta Hendra can bear the middle-aged man in front of him carrying heavy luggage.

”Thank you, Hendra. ” Give the goods he brought. ”Come on Adelia, we
e in ”.

Adelia stepped slowly. He still looked around the house, hoping to remember something about her. ”Dad, wasn that my toy as a child?. ”Pointing to the horse statue that still stands firmly in the corner of the garden of the House.

Immediately step, Adiwangsa and Hendra stopped, ” Oh you still remember son?, ”hearing his daughter say this, Adiwangsas tears began to pool in his eyes.

”Yes Dad, I still remember, I used to play here with dad. ”

Adiwangsa increasingly could not hold back his tears. He walked up to Adelia and immediately hugged her. ”My little daughter, daddys daughter. ”

”Dad, my arm still hurts. ”

”Oh Im sorry son, Im just too glad you can remember something. ”Adiwangsa immediately took her arms off Adelia and stroked her daughters hand.

”It doesn matter dad. ”

”Okay, lets go into the House! ”


I heard the door open. From behind the door, an old female figure appeared who stood up to greet the three. ”Good afternoon non Adelia, Mr. Adiwangsa and Mr. Young. Come on in, please! ”

Adelia and Hendra looked confused and dazed. ”Oh introduce him Mbok Darmi, a housekeeper who has helped take care of you from little boy. ”

Adelia smiled at her father, trying to build memory in her head. Mbok Darmi seemed like a grandmother to me, a very maternal, gentle and loving woman. Wrapped in Javanese batik cloth and traditional kebaya clothes add to the impression that Mbok Darmi is a native woman who loves her homeland. Adelias picture of Mbok Darmi began to form above her head.

”Non Adel not remember Mbok? ”

”Adelia has amnesia Mbok, she lost part of her memory. So forgive him if he forgets a lot. ”

”Oh my god, yes, sir. I can understand that. Eh why even chat here come-come please come in, mbok has cooked the mainstay of the Adiwangsa family, lets go in! ” with a Javanese accent that is still thick, Mbok Darmi, please.

In front of the dining table ” ” Wow, so much food? ”

”Hehe Yes sir, I deliberately cook a lot of special thanksgiving for the return of non Adel. Please enjoy Sir. Oh Non Adelia want me to get you something to eat? ”

”No need, I can do it. ”

”Well, eat a lot of ya non, mum to the back first. ”

Everyone began to take food on their plates, the aroma of cooking that was still steaming hot in the dining room of Block C House Number 12. A portion of whole chicken seasoned with spices typical of Javanese cuisine dominates among others. On the right side of the chicken served noodles prepared with carrots and cabbage, on the left looks sambal fried potatoes with soy sauce caramelized on it, and some other complementary menu is presented to meet the dinner table. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food without comment.

Hendra seemed to be sitting in the living room. Slowly, Adelia approached him. ”Hendra, thank you for taking me and dad home even willing to bring my things earlier. ”

”Take it easy del, I don mind that. ”

”Em … for our wedding plans, are you sure youll do it? ”

Hendra changed his seating position, slightly distracted by Adelias words. ”Why are you asking this back del? ”

”Sorry Not that I don believe you Hendra, but are you sure you will marry a woman like me? Im a dirty woman, while you
e a director of a famous company, wouldn you be ashamed to have a wife like me? ”

”No del, whats all that without you by my side? ” I will only be removed if there are no women and babies in the middle of my family.

”Then will your family be able to accept me Hendra? ”

Hendra smiled, ” I can guarantee that they will gladly accept you del ”

”Hi How could that happen? ”

”Will you try it? Lets see how your future mother-in-law responds when she meets you. ”

Huh? Meeting with future in-laws?

”Adelia, come on up Son, you still have a lot of rest, ” the cry of Mr Adiwangsa interrupted the conversation between Hendra and Adelia.

”Yes, ” replied Adelia. ”Alright, Hendra, we will continue our conversation another time. ” Adelia rushed in the direction of her fathers call.

Hendra again enjoyed the atmosphere. The living room of the Adiwangsa family is a room covered with glass on one side. The glass faces the garden next to the House. Hendras eyes stared at the green plants while sipping coffee made by Mbok Darmi.

It feels so good in an atmosphere like this.

A few moments later, Adiwangsa looked down the stairs. Hendra, who was drifting in the coffee enjoyment Mbok Darmi did not realize the arrival of their prospective father-in-law beside him.

” Ahem… ”Mr Adiwangsas voice surprised Hendra. He almost dropped the cup in his hand, but luckily, his hand was deftly prevented.

”Son Hendra, I want to talk to you about something. ”

”Cough. ” Hendra choked on coffee water. ”Well sir, what is it about? ”

”Its about Adelia son. Theres one thing that bothers me. ”

”What is it, sir? Just say it! ”

”What about your family? Will your parents accept Adelia with her current condition? ”

”Ah, just now I discussed it with Adelia, you also want to discuss it haha ”. Hendra laughed lightly while confirming his seating position. ”Alright sir, regarding this matter, you don need to worry. I have arranged everything. ”

”Oh yes, may I know how you plan? ”

”Of course sir, in this matter we just need to admit everything, we just say it as it is that indeed Adelia has conceived ”

”No, son, I don think this is a good idea. ”

”Wait sir, I haven finished talking yet. We will say that Adelia is expecting a baby, and that the baby she is carrying is mine. Thus, there will be no more reason for my parents not to accept your daughter. How? ”

Adiwangsa was silent. The look on his ageing face was thinking about something heavy. ”Son Hendra, Adelia is my only daughter, my happiness is her happiness. Promise to always make her happy! ”

”Don worry sir, I can guarantee that Adelia will be the happiest wife. You can take my word for this. ”

”Um … thank God. I feel calmer now. ”

Hendra smiled, his mind was answering a question from Mr Adiwangsa, how is your daughter not happy, after becoming my wife later, Adelia will be full of treasures. Regardless of whether I can love her or not, obviously, the main thing that makes a woman happy is a treasure, and I can give all of that more than enough.

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