The Surrogate Father

9. Wedding Plans

”Are you ready? ”Adiwangsa stood in front of her daughters room, ensuring she was prepared. ”Oh my god, why haven you prepared yet? ”

”Dad, Im worried. ” Adelia sat on the bed, playing with the sequins on her lap.

Adiwangsa slowly approached his daughter, ”my daughter, there is nothing to worry about, doesn nak Hendra guarantee that everything will be fine? Well do as he says. ”

Adelia sighed, trying to tear down the wall of anxiety she had built. ”Okay Dad, Ill try. ”

”Great. Now get ready, we
e leaving in half an hour. ”


Forty Minutes Later

Mr Adiwangsas car entered a large gate. One officer was directing the speed of parking while another one closed the open gate.

Is this Henrys house? No, this is not a house. This is more suitable to be called a palace. The front yard is this Big and how about inside?. Adelia was amazed. One by one, his feet came out of the car door with his eyes and other limbs still busy watching the palace where he stood now.

”Good Morning, Is it true with the Adiwangsa family? ”

”Yes, I am a princess and this is my daughter. ”

”Please come in, ladies and gentlemen. The Wibisana family has been waiting for you inside, let me deliver! ” The gatekeeper graciously welcomed the arrival of his guests.

Even though these guards work very professionally, and surely the salary is expensive.

”Adelia, what is it? Lets go in! ”

Adelia was surprised, stopping her increasingly drifting thoughts. ”Oh yeah dad ”.

Check, that the main house door is open.

”Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Adiwangsas family has come. ”

”Oh well let them in! ”

”Yes sir. ”

A few moments later, Mr Adiwangsa and Adelia stepped into the family meeting room. Some people seem to have welcomed their arrival. A middle-aged man with a large tall posture, complete with a thick moustache that some strands have turned white, wearing a batik shirt patterned Ceplok Kasatrian typical of Yogyakarta combined with black pants and shoes. Beside her stood a bespectacled woman, complete with traditional clothes like the sultans wife in Yogyakarta Palace. At the very end, the figure of a young man who is familiar with the Adiwangsa family stood proudly and full of smiles welcoming his future wife.

Hendra looked different tonight. Long-sleeved batik shirt with motifs and colours that match my clothes, success makes it look dazzling. What the ** is wrong with me? Why is this heartbeat suddenly unable to compromise?

On the other hand, Hendras two eyes were incessantly staring at Adelia; oh God, this woman. It turns out that she can turn into an angel only with light makeup and clothes that I have given. Thats great, so I won have to work on her after I get married.

”Welcome Sir Adiwangsa and …. ”

”Adelia pa, her name is Adelia. ”

”Yeah, I mean Adele. Come have a seat! ”

”Thank you sir ”

The meeting between the two families began. Before starting the conversation, Mr Adiwangsa showed his best smile, a sign that he was ready for whatever was to come. ”Previously, I would like to thank Mr. Wibisanas family for accepting our arrival here. Right away, the purpose of our coming here is to talk about the problems of our sons and daughters. ”

Wibisanas sharp gaze was directed at the figure of Adelia sitting opposite him. ”Yes, Hendra has told us about this. But I think I need to clarify it again. Is it true that Adelia is pregnant? ”

Adelia raised her bowed head, the heartbeat that was going up and down now felt like it was going to jump. His entire body trembled, his lips tightly locked even as if they could not be reopened.

”Adelia, answer ”, Adiwangsa looked at his daughter, a look that seemed to say everything would be fine.

Huek! Not having had time to answer questions from the family of the future mother-in-law, something thrashed wanted to get out of Adelias stomach. Unable to bear the push from inside her stomach, Adelia just spilt it.


”Oh, My God, Adelia. You can run fast if you want to spill it. ”

”I can take it anymore, dad. Argh my stomach is very nauseous. ”

”Maam, help Adelia rest in the guest room yes, give the necessary medicine! ”, Mrs Wibisana orders one of the household assistants who are on guard there.

”Good ndoro. Let me help you! ”. The housekeeper led Adelia out of the room.

”Sorry Mr. and Mrs. Wibisana. My daughter is still experiencing nausea like this. ”

”It doesn matter, Mr. Adiwangsa. Things like this are natural experienced by women at the beginning of their pregnancy. So papa, Don ask again, Adelia is indeed pregnant at the moment. ”

”Yes, mama is right. But I still don think Hendra can do that to a woman. All I know is that Hendras life is just to work and work. Hendra can you explain all that to us? ”

Hendra, sitting quietly in the far seat, calmly responded to his fathers question. He has written his story well. ”Yes, Dad, I will tell you. ”Hendra took a breath.

”Ive known Adelia for a long time. We
e best friends. At that time my body condition was not good, but I had to carry out meetings with clients in a restaurant. A friend gave me medicine to make me feel better, ” Hendra looked at Mr Adiwangsa, who was getting nervous.

”But who would have thought that the drug my friend gave me was PAs arousal enhancer drug, he gave it to me wrong. ”Hendra rubbed his forehead, posing as if he regretted the situation. ”A few minutes later the meeting was over and I accidentally met Adelia there. Thats when the drug begins to react. My body feels hot, and I feel very excited to see women. I asked Adelia to go somewhere, made her feel the same way I did and then we did it. ”

”Oh my gosh … ” Mr Wibisana looked restless to hear the story of his son. He seemed to be thinking hard, considering the decision he was about to take.

Good, papas getting influenced by my fake story. Batin Hendra.

”Well Mr. Adiwangsa, I think there is no better way out than to marry them. Let Hendra take responsibility for his actions. Isn that right ma? ”

”Yes pa, maybe thats the only way out right now. ”

”Hows Hendra? You
e ready, aren you? ”

Yes. It worked. Eventually, Wibisana Corp will fall into my hands. Happy cheers, Hendra in his heart.

”Hendra. Answer our question, ” Wibisana repeated his question sentence.

”Oh yes pa. If this is your fathers decision, I will. ”


While in the guest room, Adelia was anxiously awaiting a decision. The woman looked at her phone screen many times, observed the shift of the clock hands, and then sighed.

”Excuse me non. Do you need anything else? ”

”Oh No maam, I don need anything yet. ”

”Well then excuse me. ”

”Wait, Maam. Um … can I ask you a few questions? ”

”Please non. ”

”Have you been working in this house for a long time? ”

”Oh no, since the days of my mother is still strong he worked here. Hes older now, so Im continuing his work here. What is non? ”

”Ah no. I just want to know. ”

”Oh I see, surely non Adelia is tense because she will become a daughter-in-law in this family? Hehe ”

”Um … thats right, maam. I was very nervous ”

”Take it easy non, wibisana family is a good family. Its just that because everyone is busy taking care of their respective jobs, this family feels lonely. Tuan and Ndoro nyonya had repeatedly urged tuan muda to marry, until he was threatened not to be given an inheritance if he did not marry immediately and give non offspring. ”

Huh? Legacy?

Knock… Knock… Knock…

”Excuse me, Are you feeling better?, ”another housekeeper barged into the guest room.

”Yes, I feel better already, Maam. ”

”Thank goodness not. I am just passing on a message from Ndoro Madam, if you are already feeling better, you are requested to the family meeting room now to discuss marriage. ”

Marriage? So everything is decided? How could that be? What did Hendra tell his parents?

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