The System’s Era

Chapter 2: The Dawn of Ascension 2

, and for Jay, those were enough to understand many things. After all, the current chain of events wasn something he was completely foreign to.

If we believe that voice, whatever is happening is affecting the whole planet. It isn man-made and it shouldn necessarily be considered as something bad, he quickly summarized.

However, if it is asking us to survive, it means there is an imminent threat we are going to face. Where can such a threat originate from? he muttered as he unconsciously looked toward Oliver. However, he was taken aback as his teammate who he assumed to be dead was now up and was staring at him with two pupilless black eyes filled with madness and bloodlust.

Was I wrong? That thought flashed through, as he tried to understand what was happening. Though, Oliver wasn going to give him such a luxury.

The moment their gazes crossed hed already sprung toward him like a famished dog seeing a tasty bone, his mouth wide open as if he was trying to swallow him whole. Was it anyone else, they would have probably panicked and wildly scrambled to escape the grasp of the beast about to unleash its rage upon them.

However, Jay knew that panicking in such a situation would only get him killed faster.

Anyway, he wasn feeling any fear to begin with and while the situation was a little unexpected, his face remained completely unmoving. However, his body wasn and at the same time as his mind registered the danger he was in, a punch was already sent flying toward Oliver.

Crack… With a loud cracking sound, he landed a powerful and beautiful uppercut that closed his foes mouth and stopped his mindless charge.

Was it the previous Oliver, Jay was sure that the punch he just landed would have been enough to knock him out cold. However, it was clear that it wasn true for the current Oliver or whatever he had turned into. Far from getting knocked out, he didn even seem to feel any pain at all, and after taking a single step back, he once again charged toward Jay with complete abandon.

As expected, Jay grumbled, somehow disappointed but not too surprised by this outcome. After all, he would be lying if he said he had no idea about the nature of the creature he was facing. Whether it was the behavior shown by Oliver or the context they were in, everything was pointing toward one particular kind of creature.

Assuming its a zombie or anything of that sort, trying to fight with it without a proper weapon is a waste of time. The best way is to render it immobile or just run away, he thought as he quickly came up with a way to deal with the fast-approaching Oliver.

This time, as the zombie closed in on him, he didn punch it. Instead, he calmly sidestepped and sent a fully-powered kick flying toward Olivers knee.

With Jays strength such a kick was more than enough to shatter Olivers knee and this time there was no surprise. The moment his kick landed, Olivers knee immediately gave in and the latter, having lost his balance, could only fall face first and crawl on the floor.

With Oliver now lying on the floor, and temporarily unable to threaten him, Jay finally had enough time to catch his breath and check the situation around him.


That was the first thing Jay thought of as he turned his attention toward his surroundings.

Barely a few seconds had passed since the voices message. However, in those few seconds, the arena had already turned into a slaughterhouse littered with corpses and painted red with blood.

Everywhere, people were running as they asked for help and desperately tried to escape the clutch of the zombies.

Everywhere, people were screaming in pain as zombies feasted on their bodies.

Everywhere sounded the maddening roar of the zombies, striking fear in the heart of anyone present.

It was hard to imagine that a few moments ago, all those people were still chatting happily and looking forward to the future. However, it only took a few seconds and everything was gone.

Now, all that remained was madness, fear, pain, despair, and death. Now and for long, all that mattered was survival.

And Jay who was silently seeing all this couldn help but recall this morning.

”Bro, do you think this is going to turn into an apocalypse? ” Jess asked.

”Don know, I don remember the Maya predicting anything for this period. Still, anything can happen, and thats why we are getting ready, ” Jay said.

”Umm, itll be cool if it does. I mean, it will certainly be fun to experience an apocalypse. ”

”Maybe. Anyway, youll only know if you don die at the very beginning. ”

”Fun? Sigh, lets get out of here. ” Jay said as he kicked away a zombie that was running toward him and started moving toward the tunnel.

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