savage human experiment… The one who was raised in Imperial Japan was too pitiful.


“Then, couldn’t the Kingdom get by if there was someone who could speak both Balitu and Imperial Japanese?”


There should be someone in the Kingdom who can speak Balitu.

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“Well, unfortunately, the experiment was conducted 80 years ago, and we also don’t know where that person is.
But thanks to that, Balitu has some exchanges with Imperial Japan even during its isolation state, and there are some Imperial Japanese who can speak simple Balitu like greetings.”


80 years ago… Certainly, even though it is a different world, recent years are the time when people start paying attention to human rights.
People must be hesitating to do another human experiment.


“But, Imperial Japanese people can learn foreign languages, right?”


According to what Joshua had said, Imperial Japanese people had no difficulties speaking a foreign language.
In actuality, Imperial Prince Tasuku didn’t know many words, but his pronunciation, etc., was easily understood by the Kingdom people.


“Yes, that is true.
But, call it a national character or whatnot, countries who used to isolate themselves did not have the practice of studying foreign languages yet… And there wasn’t a need to.
They only started making efforts a few months ago, when they finally felt a sense of crisis from the food shortages caused by last year’s bad weather.
The rumored genius Imperial Prince Tasuku can talk that much Kingdom language because of his own talent.
Other people need a few more years to learn.”

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The teachers themselves don’t understand Imperial Japanese.
The people have no choice but to memorize the words from gestures.
Imperial Prince Tasuku was just special.


While they were talking, Martha brought the black tea and sweets from Joshua.

Tarts made from fruits that grow in summer and iced tea.


“Thank you Martha!”


The siblings thanked Martha and started eating with relish.

Black tea with a lot of ice was perfect for a hot summer.

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