Emma-sama say that Robert-sama‘s slime jelly was chilly and delicious?”


Now that Joshua mentioned it, you need to cool and solidify jelly when making it.
Emma just ate it enjoyably without thinking, but it turned out to be jelly chilled with magic. Slime jelly~ It was so delicious~…


“After seeing how Emma-sama looked when having delicious food, I desperately searched for the stone.
It was a little costly, though.”


Emma, who was absentmindedly thinking about jelly, didn’t hear Joshua’s murmuring.


“Is this magic stone such a priceless item? My grandfather also has something similar.
It’s a light orange stone that is slightly warm.
In winter, he often puts the kairo[1] inside a haramaki[2],” Martha muttered while looking at the small box containing the magic stone.


[T/N 1: Kairo are pocket heaters, which are small, portable sachets containing liquid or powder that, when activated, release heat to help the user stay warm

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T/N 2: Haramaki is a traditional Japanese undergarment worn around the belly to keep warm in winter.
Literally translated as bellyband.]


“Hm? Martha? Just now, what did you say?”


Joshua looked at Martha puzzledly.


“Oh, I’m sorry! There’s no way Joshua-sama‘s magic stone and my grandfather’s kairo can be the same, isn’t it?”


A little of Joshua’s money must be a huge sum.
Martha hurriedly apologized for saying such a rude thing.


“No, that’s not it.
The word kaino? and hararaki? Was it? It was hard to catch…”


“Eh? Um… Did you mean kairo and haramaki?”


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“Khairo? Haikiki?”


“Joshua? Isn’t your hearing too awful? It’s kairo and haramaki, okay?”


“Karoi and harikiri?”






“…………Joshua, can you please go see a doctor?”


Joshua just couldn’t catch the words kairo and haramaki no matter what.
Maybe he was tired.
They became a little worried.

Even though he could converse about other things just fine, why only kairo and haramaki……? ……!

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