d and looks very lost, you know?


“…but Emma has already recovered.
……I mean, is it okay if Emma gives you a reply about that apology at a later date?”


It’s not nice to Emma, but I will have to ask her to refuse it later.
It’s not the time for that now.

I glance sideways at the King, who looks satisfied with that acknowledgement, then look at my parents.


“Um, Father.
There’s a little… problem.”


“What’s wrong?”


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‘Oof, this is the last straw’ is what Father’s expression conveyed eloquently, though he didn’t say a word.


“Ah… You know… Our home… cat—…… security(?) is a bit, you know…”




Father and Mother were stunned.

In our mansion, there is only the gatekeeper, Uncle Evan.
We don’t hire bodyguards, and things like surveillance cameras or emergency call systems (like 911) of our previous life don’t exist in this world.


Our home security… Meowcom (cats) and Valsok (spider)[1] are…”


[T/N 1: Meowcom and Valsok come from the name of two famous security companies in Japan, Secom and Alsok.
The original text for Meowcom is nyakomu (ニャコム), which is slang in Japanese for how cats always stay inside the house and thus act like home security personnel.]


“Meo—! Meowcom and Valsok!!?”


I glance at Imperial Prince Tasuku for a look at his complexion.

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He had a harmless expression affixed on his face.



end of George’s POV



To explain, we have to rewind to a while back, after Joshua had somehow recovered from the critical hit, dealt by Emma, when a scratching sound came from outside the door to the room.

This was a Koumei-san kind of knock, the sound of her paw scratching the door.




The three siblings, Joshua, and Martha hurriedly went to the door, knowing it was bad for the cats to be in the hallway.


Even though they had hidden the cats in the back room before the King’s arrival… did they escape on their own?


Author’s words: Around this time, I was thinking, ‘I also want a Meowcom in my house.’

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