environment where water and food are precious, right?


“Nee-sama…… that‘s what you are curious about?”


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William’s gaze was cold.
But of course Emma would worry, because going hungry was unbearable.


“Emma-sama is so kind.”


Joshua’s proverbial rose-colored glasses had been upgraded after taking a critical hit.


“Martha, could you ask the kitchen to make something nutritious and easy to digest?”


Meals are important, after all.


As Martha left for the kitchen, Ryuu-chan replaced her, coming inside the room with two ninjas in her mouth.


“Meow! Meow, meoww!”

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Her proud face looked just like Koumei-san‘s.
She nestled close to William and butted her head at William’s body, asking to be pet.


“More, again… Just how many are there?”


William stroked Ryuu-chan while enduring the rather strong headbutt. Our cats aren’t just cute.


“Meow♪ Meoww!”


Ryuu-chan let herself be petted obediently and replied to William with a satisfied expression.


“Just one more.
That one is currently disguised as one of the diplomats in the drawing room.”

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Emma interpreted what Ryuu-chan said.


“One more… 20 people in total, huh.
Disguised as a diplomat in the drawing room… wait, the two meows from Ryuu-chan carried that much meaning!?”


Rather than speaking Imperial Japanese, isn’t being able to understand cat language weirder?

George doubted his younger sister’s translation.
She looked like she understood the whole conversation these days, but the cats had only voiced nothing but a bunch of meows.


“It’s because cat language is based on feelings.”


” ” ” “Meow~♪” ” ” “


While the ninjas in the attic wrapped in Violet’s thread were being carried to the empty room, a lecture on cat language was held, though no one could understand it.

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