ingdom language, we could perform our original intelligence-gathering work.
No one in the Kingdom seemed to be able to erase their presence like a ninja.

We would surely gain the upper hand by the time the two countries begin diplomatic relations.


While we were waiting at the gate of that girl’s mansion, I had one of my subordinates replace one of the Kingdom people.
I was sure that as long as the King was there, they would not have any unnecessary conversation.

The good thing is that the Kingdom was safer than we thought, so I entrusted the task of guarding the Imperial Prince to that one subordinate, while the remaining 19 of us searched the mansion.


Compared to the royal castle, this mansion’s security was a significant let-down.

Ridiculously, this huge mansion only had one gatekeeper.
The whole area was surrounded by high walls, but a ninja could easily cross it even without going through the gate.

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It took us a while to get to the mansion because the garden was too large, but it didn’t matter even if we passed in front of the gardener because we wouldn’t be noticed as long as we hid our presence.


Once we had easily intruded the mansion, just when we started to search for dictionaries and magic stones…


Suddenly, one of my subordinates was sent flying without a sound.


I caught them just before they hit the wall and laid them down on the floor quietly.


My subordinate had lost consciousness.

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What was going on? No one here in the Kingdom was supposed to be able to detect us.


My subordinates who had advanced ahead of me were sent flying one after another without a sound.
All were laid down on the floor.


It’s so fast that I couldn’t see the assailant.


On my command to the remaining four ninjas, we somehow managed, barely, to escape unscathed to the attic.

All of this was over within seconds.

Even in Imperial Japan, elite ninjas only need a few seconds.

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