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Koumei-san removed her paw from the ninja’s mouth so they could hold a conversation, but the ninja didn’t answer.


“Unfortunately, even if you bite off your tongue, we have an emergency first aid deputy here.
We won’t let you die, you know?“


Emma spoke with her signature sweet smile to assure the ninja, but his face only showed fear.
The cats… just how much had they tormented him?


“My name is Emma Stuart.“


Emma introduced herself with the bow she learned from Hilda.
Well, the ninjas had been lurking around their mansion, so he probably already knew her name, but Hilda had taught her that any attempt at a smooth conversation must start with a proper greeting.


“This is my older brother, George Stuart, and my younger brother, William Stuart.
Also, my childhood friend, Joshua Rothschild.
The cats, Koumei-san, Ryuu-chan, Kan-chan, and Chou-chan.
And the spider, Violet.“


Emma went on to introduce everyone in the room, but the ninja’s stiff expression didn’t show any signs of cracking.


Only, the false information that the Kingdom’s cats and spiders were not just absurdly huge but also monster-level strong was etched into the ninja’s mind.

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“Ninja… because there are many of you, I will call you Hattori-san[1] for our convenience, okay.“

[T/N 1: from the popular Japanese anime/manga, Ninja Hattori-kun]


You see, if we’re talking about ninjas, then it must be Hattori-kun. When Emma wanted to continue the conversation after simply declaring a name for the silent ninja, she noticed that Hattori-kun had an astonished expression.


“Does this mean… you know all there is to know about our side…“


The ninja sighed as if in resignation.


‘Huge cats and spiders with abnormal battle capabilities that can even sense a ninja’s presence.

They removed the poison I inserted for use in case of mission failure, then predicted that I would bite off my tongue and prevented it.

Out of 19 ninjas dressed identically, they pinpointed me as the head, and while they said that it’s out of their own convenience, they even guessed my name right… We’ve been utterly defeated.’


“What… do you want to know?“

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