The Yellow Liquid Tastes Like Nectar [Part 4]

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Ignoring his subordinates’ concern, the head ninja swallowed the liquid and sighed.


“……delish—! What is this? So good!“


The ninja, who had endured more than hunger on an empty stomach yet continued to devote himself to the mission without a word of complaint, could feel a gentle sweet taste spreading in his mouth.


When he swallowed that warm thing, it gradually eased the tension in his body that had come from fear.
The rich cream went down to his empty stomach and asserted its existence.


The ninja heard a chuckle, and when he looked ahead, he saw the girl’s smile.

At that, Hattori suddenly froze.


‘Why didn’t I notice before? The beauty this girl has,’ Hattori asked himself. 


Imperial Japanese all had blue hair and blue eyes.
He had never gotten used to seeing the various hair and eye colors of the Kingdom people, they perplexed him every day.

But, how beautiful this girl is, before me…


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“Right? It’s super delicious, isn’t it?“


The girl asked, with her head slightly tilted, eyes squinted in glee, and in that very moment, Hattori’s heart leaped with a THUMP. Have I ever felt this way even when facing my wife?


Like a tongue-tied adolescent boy, Hattori blushed and nodded quietly.


“Eh? Leader?“


“Are you alright? Was it poison after all!?”


One way or another, Hattori reassured his worried subordinates that he was okay, and encouraged them to eat.


It wasn’t poison, and even if it was, it’s worth eating because it was so delicious.


It was a delicious soup, but…… more importantly…


His heartbeat was so loud that he thought it could be heard from all over his body.

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He shouldn’t look at the girl any more than this.

Alarm bells were ringing in the rational part of his mind.
Even so, for the first time as a ninja, his instinct won.

Their eyes met as the girl stuffed another spoonful of soup into her mouth, and upon realizing it, she looked at Hattori and said, ‘I~sn’t it delicious’ while cradling her own cheeks.


‘Cu-cute! She breaks through all limits of cuteness!! Unparalleled!!! Precious!!!!

A celest—! celestial……mai……den……

She’s a celestial maiden[1] that embodies beauty and loveliness.’

Hattori believed from the bottom of his heart.


[T/N 1: Celestial maiden, or tennin are a divine kind of spiritual being found in Japanese Buddhism that are similar to beings like valkyries, angels, nymphs or fairies in the Western tradition.]


Hattori Hanzou

52 years old.


A pitiful man who has firmly entered the space in which Emma’s Old Man Hoi-Hoi[2] techniques are effective.


[T/N 2: Hoi-Hoi here most likely refers to the sound made by riders/herders to spur horses on or move cows along.
Hence, implying that Emma has Hattori wrapped around her finger.]

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Combined with the suspension bridge effect[3] from the terrifying cats and spider, he had become one of her many victims, falling to the bottom of Satan’s hell.


[T/N 3: Suspension bridge effect is a Japanese term, more formally known as ‘misattribution of arousal’, which describes the process whereby people mistakenly assume what is causing them to feel aroused.
For example, when actually experiencing physiological responses related to fear, i.e.
being on a suspension bridge (with a significant other), people may mislabel those responses as romantic arousal.


Not far from Hattori, who was on all fours clutching his chest, George and William were watching the whole thing with corn cream soup dripping from their mouths.


“Huh? Is it déjà vu? I feel like I witnessed the same scene not long ago…”


“If you thought that Nee-sama was kind of nice to the ninja… if you look closely, that Hattori-san is a stoic professional cool old man, huh…”


“My younger sister is so scary.
Even scarier than a demon king.”


Ignoring the brothers’ fear of her, Emma headed to the pot with her empty soup dish.


“Who wants seconds~?“


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” ” ” “He~re!” ” ” “


The ninjas who were younger than Hattori were deeply impressed by the rich taste of the corn cream soup, and when they noticed it, their stomachs had been fully won over.


With Emma, even Imperial Japan’s elite ninjas could be easily captured.


“Huh… Nee-sama did it unintentionally, right?”


“It has kinda… turned into a ridiculous situation, huh? …I will just go report to Father…”


George drank all the remaining soup at once and stood up.


In the end, they turned all the captured ninjas into allies without interrogating them.




Author’s words: An unbelievable Hoi-Hoi operation was set in motion.

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