Needless to say, they had never heard him speaking in Imperial Japanese or any other languages. I need to send him a letter as soon as possible and have him corroborate our story…


…no, well, while he is our gardener… isn’t he too much of a big shot?


“I understand that this will be a heavy burden to Emma-sama, but could you please help us for the sake of diplomatic relations between Imperial Japan and the Kingdom?”


Imperial Prince Tasuku lowered his head to Leonard and Melsa.

Along with a neat Japanese-style bow that evoked feelings of nostalgia.


“Most regretfully, it is too much responsibility for (the troublemaker) Emma.
I see that Imperial Prince Tasuku seems to understand most of the Kingdom language.
I wonder if that is not sufficient?”


There’s no way they would leave the fate of the Kingdom to Emma.


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Because there’s no doubt that every negotiation would give rise to one dispute, and a second, and a third, without Emma herself noticing.


“Currently, I’m the only one who can speak the Kingdom language.
The people of my country, who have been in isolation for too long, are not accustomed to learning foreign languages.
One person simply does not represent enough manpower nor time to meet the needs of diplomacy, negotiations, and education.
Our country can no longer afford to operate that way.”


Looking at Imperial Prince Tasuku, who was clenching his hand tightly with a lowered head, Melsa realized that the condition of Imperial Japan’s food shortage was really serious and urgent.


The respective situations of both Imperial Japan and the Kingdom were gradually getting worse.
This diplomatic relation had to succeed no matter what.


“I understand.”


Melsa backed down.


“Then, Leonard and I will help.”


“……you mean?”


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“Alas, when will we cease to inflict loneliness upon Emma?”




“Everyone in our Stuart family can speak Imperial Japanese.”








” ” ” ” “Pardon!!!??” ” ” ” “



Author’s words: Getting a job for the parents who have in turn had too much free time after coming to the capital… was the story.

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