An Important Talk [Part 2]

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“Imperial Prince Tasuku? Is something wrong?”


Finally done wiping his tears, the King addressed the Imperial Prince who had stood up suddenly.


“N-nothing, Your Majesty.
I was just surprised by the Count’s perfect Imperial Japanese.
Pardon me.”


The Prince swallowed and slowly sat back down on the sofa.


“So, I wonder what your purpose is?” said Imperial Prince Tasuku as he evaluated the situation in his mind.


Count Stuart intentionally used Imperial Japanese to tell me about this.
I will take this to mean that Count Stuart intends to hide the existence of the ninjas, which could be regarded as Imperial Japan’s human weapons, from the Kingdom.


Depending on the terms of exchange…


In the first place, it’s unbelievable that the ninjas who went completely undetected at the royal castle were all caught, except for one, in the space of this short visit.


It’s scary just recalling the way Count Stuart spoke, which showed that he knew very well what a ‘ninja’ was.

In terms of trade with other countries, Imperial Japan has nothing but magic stones to offer.

Balitu is an island country, and we were able to smoothly establish diplomatic relations because it is not exposed to the danger of monsters.
On the other hand, I heard that the Kingdom just had a local barrier hazard around a year ago.

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No matter how many magic stones it takes, it will not be a problem.

Perhaps it was a mistake to reveal that we are okay with handing over the magic stones only to the King and a few diplomats in exchange for saving our country from food shortages.


I couldn’t have imagined that a place exists where even ninjas don’t stand a chance.


‘There are more things in Heaven and Earth’, indeed.

Imperial Japan and Imperial Japan’s magic stones may end up being exploited by the Kingdom and the House of Count Stuart.
It’s my failure.


Imperial Prince Tasuku unconsciously gripped the cloth on the sofa he was sitting on.




Behind the Prince, Oliver let out a small shriek, but the Imperial Prince, caught up in his despair, didn’t hear it.

The King also noticed the Imperial Prince’s grip, thanks to Oliver’s shriek, and gasped.
He attempted to make eye contact with Leonard, trying to get Count Stuart to give some allowance and overlook the slight somehow.


Leonard continued the talk with a bright smile that, considering he was the owner of the gripped (national treasure-level) Emma Silk, the King and Oliver thought supposedly impossible.


“My purpose……? Oh, if it’s that, my people might have already asked the ninjas for it.
It would be good if things went according to our expectations…“


Imperial Prince Tasuku clutched the cloth even harder.

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The ninjas would never give up the magic stone veins’ locations, no matter how much they were tortured.
Even if they died – no, they would end their own life before that.
They are ninjas, after all.


Imperial Japan’s strongest ninjas would never, so easily……


Leonard Stuart… What a frightening man.


………While the King and Oliver were turning pale at the sight of the Emma Silk being gripped tighter and tighter, at the same time, Emma was calling out to the ninjas who had finished their meals.


Now, everyone.
Attention, please! I will now talk about an important, very serious matter.
Please give a proper answer, okay.“


The ninjas tensed up all at once with these few words from Emma.


They could never betray Imperial Japan.


Even if she treated them with such delicious food, peeled off their nails, gouged out one of their eyes, or burned their comrades alive in front of them, they could never disclose anything.
That’s what being a ninja meant.


“Emma-dono[1]… We would never speak of Imperial Japan’s confidential info………”

[T/N 1: -dono is a Japanese honorific that indicates respect, but not in a self-humbling way, unlike -sama.
Typically used by characters in a historical setting or who are portrayed as old-fashioned.]


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Before Hattori could refuse, Emma started to speak.


“Who knows how to make miso~~~?”


” ” ” ” ” “………………huh?” ” ” ” ” “


“Like I said, who here can make M.I.S.O.~!!?”


” ” ” ” ” “………………huh?” ” ” ” ” “


Things the Stuart family sought from Imperial Japan:


Miso Soy sauce Japanese pickles Tofu Natto Red bean paste etc.etc.etc.etc.

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It had been a year and a half since their reincarnation, and they were craving Japanese food.


“A-Also, rice!!! We’ll give you a lot of flour, so would you please exchange it for rice? Even just a little is okay.”


“Nee-sama!! Then pollack roe[2]! I wonder if you have pollack roe?“


William gulped as soon as he heard rice.


[T/N 2: Also known as mentaiko in Japanese]


” ” ” ” ” “………………huh? ……huhhhhhh?” ” ” ” ” “


Once the ninjas fully comprehended the unexpected question, those who could make miso and soy sauce raised their hands one after another.


Joshua would definitely gather the ingredients with all his means.

What they needed were the human resources who could turn them into miso and soy sauce.


As more ideas like ‘If we can make miso soup, then I want tofu!’ sprung up, they ended up asking many questions because they wanted many things.
But the ninjas seemed like they could cook, unlike the Kingdom’s men, so Emma received many satisfying answers.


Thus, today, the record for most angelic smile was broken.

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