w millimeters towards the cake, but she hasn’t been able to reach it since people keep talking in turns and stand on her way.

Anyhow, Mother has restricted the conversation content at today’s tea party.

Emma is only allowed to say yes or no, greetings, and ‘is that so?’.

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‘Even if you make a mistake, don’t talk about insects and don’t stick to food,’ Mother said with a smile.
It’s only that her eyes weren’t smiling.

‘Even if you are confused, deceive them with a laugh,’ she said…

However, it’s not supposed to feel like the number of people is increasing every time I laugh.

“Emma-sama doesn’t wear jewelry very much, do you! When is your birthday? Let me gift it to you!”


Being surrounded by boys around the age of my friends’ children in my previous life, I certainly am popular, but Minato (an adult) is thinking, “these children must be told by their parents to do their best to talk to me, huh.” That’s when a large number of cakes move in front of my eyes.

Joshua and George are carrying plates of cake on both hands.

Joshua keeps glancing at me with an anxious look.

…is Joshua’s cake heavier because he is feeble, unlike George?

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To have that much cake… Joshua, you like sweets that much?

Moreover, he has all of the kinds!

“Joshua! Those cakes look heavy! Let me carry half! (That’s why let me have a bite each)”

Just like that, Emma went to William’s table alongside Joshua with Joshua’s long-cherished angel smile on her face.

“Ahh, Miss Emma…”

“Who is that boy!”

“He is not a noble, right”

“Even though we’re getting to the good part…”

In exchange for an angel smile, he makes so many enemies… But that’s another story.

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