f-conscious as she answered.
Even though she talked while continuing to munch on sweets, everyone could hear her words clearly.

One might say this was the result of her grandmother, Hilda’s spartan Etiquette class.


“Emma-sama… Did you eat all of them?”


‘That buffet of sweet treats…’ Emma was gobbling up an amount that would definitely make Francesca gain weight.


“Dessert goes to a separate belly.”


‘Fufufu’ Emma laughed happily, but then she was noticed by George, William, and Joshua, who had arrived late to the courtyard (finally released by the Prince).


“Emma-sama! I brought you financiers today.
Would you like to have some?”


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Joshua handed a box of financiers to Emma.

Just smelling the sweet smell, Arthur went ‘ughh’ and averted his gaze.
That was how many sweets he had seen today.


“Thank you! Joshua! I love financiers!”


When she opened the box, an even stronger sweet fragrance suffused the air.

The sweets Joshua prepared were always top quality.

He gathered sweets for Emma without any trouble, handpicking them from rare foreign countries and popular shops that even nobles couldn’t get their hands on.


It looked delicious… But financiers surely taste heavy after eating that many sweets.

Before Arthur, Marion, Francesca, or the twins could stop her, with a ‘nom’, Emma had already put a financier into her mouth.


“Mmm~! It goes great with black tea!! I will have another one……………!!!”


George and William stopped Emma’s hand as it reached for the second financier.


“Emma, let’s hold back from having any more.”

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“Nee-sama, I just saw the waiter throw out a large amount of sweets wrappers earlier.
There’s no way you ate all of that, right?”


‘Eh? I wonder what you’re talking about?’ While glaring at Emma, who shamelessly feigned ignorance, the brothers offered the remaining financiers to Arthur, Marion, Francesca, and the twins.
But after seeing Emma’s appetite, nobody could take any more sweet foods… so they refused.


Seeing that no one was going to eat, with a ‘well then, another one…’ Emma stretched out her hand but was prevented by George and William.
It took two people to stop her.


“………..can’t I just……have one more?”


Emma pleaded with moist, upturned eyes.


” “No!!” “


Even after directly receiving that insanely cute request, George and William both refused it ruthlessly.

Joshua, on the other hand, was clutching his chest, trying to withstand this stray bullet.

Are their hearts made of ice?


“But having a small, kind, and cute younger sister…… might have its challenges too,” mused Arthur.

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