Overwhelmingly Busy [Part 1]

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“Ugh, I can’t take any more!”


Hannah screamed.

She was already in charge of three dresses by herself, but the orders put in by the nobles were endless.

Even though the social season had just begun, the tailors were so flooded with orders that even a small store like this was also tracked down.

Due to the sudden evening party hosted by the Royal Family this weekend, every tailor in the royal capital was buried in work.


Hannah, a seamstress, was practically crushed by anxiety over whether or not she could make three dresses in a week.
She kept on working the needle in silence, holding back her tears, but when the shopkeeper asked her to sew two more dresses, she finally lost it.


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“I still don’t even know whether I can finish three dresses if I sewed for a week straight without sleeping, let alone five dresses!”


That said, she understood.


It wasn’t the shopkeeper’s fault.


Tailor shops can’t afford to refuse the nobility.
Furthermore, because this evening party was hosted by the Royal Family, the invitees consisted of many nobles who were high-ranking.
It would be hard to reject their orders.

A noble lady doesn’t sew dresses.
It’s different from embroidering a flower pattern on the corner of a handkerchief.
A proper dress needs several people to make and takes several weeks to finish.


Though Hannah wanted to snap, cry, and scream, a new piece of fabric had been placed on her workbench, with no regard for her feelings.

She hadn’t had enough sleep or food these past few days.

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I will quit this job.

I will quit this job.

I will quit this job.


Even as she screamed it over and over in her mind, her hands couldn’t stop stitching.


None of her family were in the royal capital.

Hannah, who had 5 younger siblings, was a country girl who moved out to find work.

The first time she arrived in the royal capital, all the people and buildings looked fascinating.
But since she started living and working in the tailor shop, she did nothing but sew without ever stepping outside.


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The only clothes Hannah owned were the one she was wearing right now, one more piece and one set of sleepwear.
She only had three sets of underwear.

Nobles, on the other hand, who knows how many dresses they planned to make?


Making dresses was unrewarding.


The trendy designs were so striking, so complex, and so much work that people got tired of them rather quickly.

Even if she made the dress according to the measurements, more than a few would be returned and a refund requested because the lady who wore it got fatter or thinner within a few days.

She didn’t know if there was a boycott going on recently, but some nobles had also asked them not to use Palacian silk, making it more troublesome.

If Hannah, who was in the center of the tailoring industry, were to comment, she definitely would say, ‘Even though no other fabric is as easy to sew…’ Seamstresses gave rave reviews of Palacian silk for its first-class appearance and quality, but no doubt that they also considered the person sewing it in their comments.


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Even the dress she made with such heavy thoughts would end up being worn only once or twice.


I will quit this job.

I will quit this job.

I will quit this job.


While Hannah was sewing diligently, contrary to what she felt in her heart, she noticed that the storefront was a little noisy.


“We really, really cannot accept any more orders.”


“Then do something about it yourself.
You know that I’m a servant of a Duke house, right?”

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