Chapter 12 – Even Though It’s a World of Swords and Magic

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When I go to William with Joshua and George, there’s a lot of excitement there.

“Does Lady Marina want to become a magician?”

I want to try flying in the sky with magic!”

If you see it from the surrounding, it certainly is a pleasant sight, but… looking through Minato’s filter, I get the illusion that a bearded afro vagrant is having a friendly chat with a little girl.

That guy… Isn’t he going to get arrested? Here, police!!


I call his past life’s name without thinking.
Your older sister can’t bear to see, you know.

“Ah! Emma-sama!”

Lady Marina, who realizes we are here, gives a slight bow cutely.

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What should I do? She’s a very cute girl.
I can’t suppress my gaze full of contempt towards Peita.

“Miss Marina, let’s eat cakes together.”

I quietly separate Lady Marina from Peita.

Joshua puts forward the chocolate cake to Lady Marina.

“It’s delicious! The chocolate used is excellent!”

While eating the cake deliciously with Lady Marina who understands good food, I try to ask her what she has been doing with William in case he made some blunders.

“I was talking about this book with William-sama.
It’s about magicians.”

That said, the book she showed me is a little too thick for a 6-year-old child.
It’s a record of the Great Magician Connie.

It’s a biography of this country’s most famous historical figure.
It tells the story of the Great Magician Connie Moo’s journey to the eastern wilderness to defeat a dragon.

That’s right… a biography.

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It’s the real thrill of reincarnation to another world, a world of swords and magic.

It’s a world of swords and magic, but… there are very few people who can use magic, barely one person in a country.

The rarity is the same everywhere.
It’s also natural that there is no one in the Stuart family for generations.

I thought that maybe there’s a reincarnation cheat and that I can use it, so I went through many trial and error, but I didn’t feel any magical power at all.

I even shouted out the well-known fireball and the commendable kameha meha, but I didn’t get any reaction, only get tormented in shame.

“By the way, there are rumors that as there are no magicians in this country for 30 years, one is about to appear.”

Joshua knows a lot of rumors since he travels around the country following his father.


Lady Marina gets absorb immediately.

The monsters have been active recently, and there are no enough hunters, so the number of feudal lords requesting the dispatch of knights is increasing.
The fact that monsters are active means that the magical power in the atmosphere is getting stronger, and because of that, there’s a possibility that mutations can occur.”

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Magicians are not born magicians, rather they mutate into magicians.

“Certainly, I feel that there are many monsters recently.
Our territory has many hunters, so we managed somehow, but it’s probably terrible in other territories.”

My older brother George often goes hunting for monsters with my father, Leonard.
Monster hunting is the main job of a borderland’s lord.
It also controls the monsters from coming to the citizens’ sphere of activity.

The countries in this world use magician’s barriers to prevent monsters invasion.
However, the effect weakens as time goes by.
In the past 10 years, there have been strong monsters that accidentally come out of the barrier.
In cases like that, there is no choice but a head-on fight.

“I want a magician to appear nonetheless.”

Lady Marina worriedly says.
Because she lives in a borderland, even if she’s still a child, there’s no way she can ignore the threat of monsters.

Especially, Palace is a borderland in a remote region facing the barrier.

“Well, it’s okay because I will protect you while you are in our territory, Lady Marina.”

George kindly says while patting Lady Marina’s head.

“George-sama, you are so cool!”

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Lady Marina’s eyes become heart-shaped.


(T/N: William says anchan here, which is a very close way to call an older brother)

William hatefully looks at George.

I remember that Older Brother has been popular with kids from long ago.

I comfort William alias Peita, who drops his shoulder at George, who captured Lady Marina in an instant, with a voice that can only be heard by him.

“…even though you’re a magician in our past life.
What a shame, Peita.”



Author’s note: It’s not comforting.
It’s putting salt on the wound.

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