Fortunately, I was good at sewing, and after hearing that seamstresses were immediately offered jobs in the royal capital, I scraped some money together for the carriage fee and went.
It has been a few years since I came to work in the capital.


When I first saw the royal capital, my heart thumped with excitement at the thought of working somewhere with loads of fascinating people… though that didn’t last.


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……nobody was willing to hire me.


I was confident with my own skills…… but even then…


‘Seamstresses were immediately offered jobs’ was just a lie.

I only learned of this at a later time, but I had come to the royal capital during the end of the social season when many seamstresses were temporarily dismissed unless they had considerable skills.


The Kingdom, with it’s thriving trade, relied on imports for most fabrics other than silk, which could be supplied domestically.
Wool and linen mainly came from the Empire in the form of ready-made clothes, so when the social season was over, orders of custom-made silk dresses dropped sharply and many seamstresses would get retrenched.


High-ranking nobles and rich people did tailor their clothes from linen and wool fabric, but those families, with their exclusive tailors and seamstresses, had no vacancies.

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The processing of fur and the like was the job of specialty workers, not tailors or seamstresses, so that kind of work would not be entrusted to someone like me.


I came to the capital at the worst possible time.


Even though I was thinking of going home, I didn’t have money for the carriage fee.

What I had on hand was only the money for today and tomorrow’s meals, which I wasn’t even sure would be enough.


The royal capital’s dazzling and glittering shopping district felt like a place of despair as I stood paralyzed in place for hours.
If the shopkeeper I worked for now hadn’t called out to me, I would have spent the cold winter in the slums.


If I entered the slums once, it would definitely be hard to find a job again as a seamstress.

What could I have done in this weather that would only turn colder without even a job? Sending an allowance to my family was nothing but a dream.

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