was described to me as a cafe that sold snacks, but what I glimpsed were desserts garnished with jewel-like fruits and fresh cream that looked terribly sweet and delicious.


This dream-like sight I saw in my light-headed state while being carried by the tall boy made me fall into a trance.


Then when I was carried up to the third floor that was said to be the freckled boy’s living space, my shoulders relaxed.


It was a simple room with nothing excessive.

The room was indeed big, but unlike the first and second floor, it was so plain that even a commoner like me wouldn’t feel ner…vous…………??


I take that back.


That curtain on the big window… I had never seen the real thing… but could that be the finest Palacian silk, Emma Silk……?


That size…… no, rather, using Emma Silk… for a curtain? Huh?


‘Is this guy… sane?’ When I looked at the freckled boy, our eyes met, and he addressed me with a smile.


“I will bring you something, so please take a seat.”

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As if on cue, the tall boy put me down on the sofa.

………the sofa was so comfortable it made me think, ‘the sofas I’ve sat on so far were not sofas at all.’


“Sister, are you alright? Do you feel unwell? How’s the wound on your hand? Does it hurt?”


The girl with a scar on her cheek that I accidentally knocked over offered her concern as she sat beside me.


“You look pale.
Would you like to eat something?”


This girl, 100% definitely a noble, looked sincerely worried about me for some reason.




In the first place, it’s already miraculous enough that I was still alive after bumping into a noble.


That tall boy was also 100% a noble, but he had carried me, a commoner, all the way here.
The nobles loathed touching commoners, so this too…… should be impossible.


I think a normal person couldn’t eat anything when they feel unwell, though? The only ones who would get well by eating when they are sick are nee-sama and the rubber man[1], you know?”

[T/N 1: Refers to Luffy from One Piece]


The pretty blond boy reminded the girl with a scar.
…rubber??? man?


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I suppose they were siblings… Each of these three were offering me their concern.




‘Uhhh,’ my head bowed, I shook it from side to side, unable to accept the reality.


“Are you troubled over something? Maybe you will feel better if you talk about it?”


The girl tilted her head and gently put her hand, which was even paler than mine (and I rarely went out), over my hand.


As the warmth from the girl’s body spread into me, I somehow started talking about my family, myself, and my job little by little.


A younger, beautiful, noble girl with a deep scar.


And me, a commoner, older, and a runaway from her seamstress job.


It’s ridiculous.


It’s ridiculous and impossible……… even so………


Please save me……


Clinging desperately to that slender, small hand, I went on and on as I told her everything.

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