ad been ignited below him.

It was not just his face either.
From the hand I was holding to the tip of his ears, every inch of visible skin was flushed.




…I understand, Joshua.
Saying thank you directly to someone’s face is not just embarrassing for the one who says it but also for the person on the receiving end.
You couldn’t help getting shy, right?


However, all three of us siblings felt gratitude towards Joshua.
It wasn’t only me.
George nii-sama and William, too, must have been thinking of how grateful they were to Joshua.


George nii-sama and William suddenly hugged Joshua from the side and expressed their feelings of appreciation, following Emma’s lead.

The hand I was holding slipped out of my grasp because the impact from the two boys was too strong, but now was not the time for a girl to butt in on the bonding between boys.


“Ahhhhh—!!! W-Wai— Oi!!! Hand!! Hand!! Y-You darned—!! Oiiiii—!! Hey!! Get off! Oii!!!”


Joshua used some rough language he usually would never say, to hide his embarrassment.

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This must be the friendship between men.
…I slowly backed off so as to not disturb them.


“Joshua, thank you for everything, seriously.”


“Thanks, Joshua.”


In particular, Nii-sama, a workaholic and the one who had the longest memory of our days of poverty, almost cuddled Joshua with his hug of gratitude.

Joshua couldn’t struggle free of the earnest hug from George nii-sama, who possessed a good physique and hunting skills.


Joshua kept yapping around in embarrassment, but I’m sure he didn’t hate it.


“Friendship between men is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?”


End of Emma’s POV

Emma happily laughed as she washed Hannah’s scrape wound with water and applied medication to it, but Hannah had a blank look on her face and was silently feeling conflicted inside.


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Er… should I set her straight here………?



Author’s words: Later on,

Joshua: “Even though my hand was finally held by Emma-sama… Ahh, Emma-sama‘s hands… they were so soft……”


George & William: “W-We’re sorry.”


Joshua: “Please read the mood well.
I feel happy for your gratitude, but you should understand the TPO[1] and back down when it’s time to back down!”

[T/N 1: TPO is used in the original text and means “time, place, occasion”]


George & William: “W-We’re sorry.”


Joshua: “That bashful look… It was seriously the cutest…… I thought I was going to die…”


George & William: “W-We’re sorry.
(If Joshua dies, our Stuart family will be over……)”

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