The shopkeeper gently put his hand on Hannah’s shoulder, and fixed a serious gaze straight at her and her alone.


“You can’t, shopkeeper! If this goes on, you will…!”




The two stared into each other’s eyes………


” ” “………………” ” “






Those two, in a world of their own from the moment they stepped into the store………


Huh? What’s this?

The feeling of once again turning into a sand fox from the faraway Tibet………

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A strong sense of déjà vu struck the three siblings.

Hannah did say that it wasn’t the shopkeeper’s fault… Eh? So they were like that? Hm?


“Ummmm… Excuse me… May I speak for a moment?”


George swiftly cut through this ‘nobody could come between us’ atmosphere.


“*gasp*! You are?”


The shopkeeper finally noticed the three siblings, who they had clearly been oblivious to until now, and looked visibly surprised.


“Ah, shopkeeper, I bumped into them earlier… They treated me to tea, took care of my wound, and brought me with them to the shop!”


“Wound!? Are you alright? Hannah? Let me see…”


*ahem ahem* It felt like the pair would enter their own world again, so the three siblings coughed deliberately.


“M-My apologies… We owe Hannah’s care to you.”

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The shopkeeper hurriedly took his hands off Hannah’s waist and faced the siblings.


……..I think I have it roughly figured out. Emma looked at the shopkeeper’s face and asked,


“May I ask? Is the shopkeeper always the one to deliver the finished dress?”


“? Yes.
I do order taking, delivery, and shop management, while Hannah makes the dresses.
Um, as you can see, we are just a small shop and already have our hands full.
If it’s about a dress for a Young Lady… I deeply apologize, but I’m afraid we cannot accept more orders.”


The shopkeeper lowered his head.

Apparently, their style of dress even when returning from the academy made it clear that they were nobles.
On Melsa’s admonishment that ‘if they didn’t dress up to a certain extent, the academy’s security would stop them at the gate’, they had been commuting to school in their best clothes ever since, so it would be more baffling if they had not been recognized as nobles.


“No, I’m not ordering a dress…… I’m giving you a suggestion regarding part-time jobs.”


“Huh? Part-time jobs?”


Emma answered with a smile.

She is planning something again…… George and William exchanged looks and sighed.

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