able while looking sophisticatedly gorgeous…” then finished a neater hexagon embroidery than I could have made, at ten times my speed.


The terrifying thing was, without slowing down, he said with a laugh,

“Ah, it’s a little hard to sew this fabric, isn’t it.
I could have done it at 10 times the speed if it’s Palacian silk…”


A monster…


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In the first place, Emma-sama had ignored the absurd sizes on the order form completely, and based on her memory of what she had seen of them at school, she finished drawing the pattern in no time with only her rough estimate.
……rough estimate?? ……rough estimate!?!?

Not only did she baste very quickly, but her instructions to the slum children were also very accurate.


The flower decoration George-sama worked on was so elaborate and detailed that it could be mistaken as real flowers and made people sniff it unconsciously.
He also made some hair decorations that weren’t in the orders because he had extra time.


William-sama, too, started stitching hundreds of beads into the dress with astonishing speed.
Furthermore, he directly attached them without putting any marks on the fabric first.
With that, a perfect motif was completed with just beads alone.


The monster’s children are monsters too.


“Sure enough, it’s faster when everyone does it together!”


‘Fufufu,’ Emma-sama laughed.

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The five dresses… didn’t even take three days to finish.
It’s not even a lie nor a dream.
What is this… this family that was like the answer to a tailor’s prayers…


Just by having one of them in the store, the royal capital’s tailor shops could make huge profits.

In particular, the father Leonard’s skill is a living national treasure.


Even so.
This family…

…who had this much talent, said that their main business is hunting and sericulture.
I was completely baffled.

…with this much talent, yet laughed that they used to be poor and had had a tough life.


I couldn’t understand them.

Why didn’t they run a tailor shop……


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