ights in embroidery patterns, is there?”


In the first place, Hannah’s embroidery couldn’t be sewn without the skills.
There is no copyright for embroidery patterns, but even if there was, people who couldn’t stitch it couldn’t imitate it.

Besides, that embroidery originally served the purpose of strengthening the cloth.
Perhaps it would be popular for a while, but nobles’ fashion trends changed very fast.
It would probably go out of fashion soon.

Versatility is most likely meaningless for nobles who only wear their dresses once.


“We have to pay respect for splendid embroideries, after all.
Well, now our part-time pay is solved.”


Leonard pushed his way through with a smile.

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In the end, this family had helped the shop out of its crisis for free.


The shopkeeper was stupefied at this impossible encounter, unfathomable luck, and the still unbelievable current situation.


They saw through his feelings towards Hannah, which he had never been able to say, in an instant, and although it was a little forced, he ended up married to Hannah.

When the two of them returned from the church, the three siblings together said, “Normies, get stuffed” (I guess it was congratulatory words) many times, once every moment.


A tailor shop’s shopkeeper and a seamstress… He only knew later on that getting marriage approval right away was difficult.
The reason why they could go through the procedures so smoothly was also that the freckled boy was there.


“This is a wedding present from our family.”


As he talked, George gave the two rings.


“If you wear it on your left ring finger when you deliver the dress, absurd orders from young ladies will also be gone.”

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Emma smiled sweetly.


An angel was there.


That’s right.
Let’s pray to the angel.

For this encounter, this luck, and the present.

To the angel who let herself sink to the deepest level of hell to take my hand and fly me away.


Emma Stuart.


The angel’s name, the angel’s family,

Let’s offer prayers for generations for the Stuart family, who did fly down to this tiny shop.

I have to spread this to everyone, that there are also wonderful people even among the nobles.



After that, the shopkeeper’s propagation slowly but steadily spread around the shopping district and the commoner town.

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