>“…! Not that! That extra rare pink hair and eyes, that perfect ringlets hairstyle!”



“If possibly we were reincarnated to an otome game world… doesn’t that mean that kid is the future villainous daughter!”

Certainly, in a reincarnation genre books, ringlet is a hairstyle that suits the villainous daughter very well… But…

“That girl is a good child.
Maybe it’s not like that?”

I have the same opinion as George nii-sama.

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“Well… anyhow, our whole family reincarnated, and our whole family also doesn’t have any useful knowledge.
Even if we were to think of the reason, we wouldn’t find out, right?”

It’s because the Stuart family is more like a cheat than the Tanaka family.

“If we don’t know what will happen, we can only do what we can right now straightforwardly.”

Emma says while thinking about the composition of the new silkworm feed.
Emma is happy because her job is the same as her hobby.

It’s a luxury to have a clear interest and having the wealth and talent to do it.


“More than that… George nii-sama, did you find a cat?”

“Ah… about that problem,”

The Tanaka family loves cats, but there are few kinds of animals in this world.

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It has been through natural selection since there are monsters.

The only animals that can be seen are horses that are kept as a means of transportation and hunting dogs for hunters.
Insects have also evolved its characteristic to protect themselves from monsters.

“There are some, but… the price…”

People have kept cats as a pet from long ago, but it seems that around 100 years ago, the population of cats has decreased sharply due to an infectious disease.

Pets are considered luxury items, and cats all the more because of their small population.

However, the Tanaka family is a family that loves cats.

And we want to give it as a present for our father Leonard, the most cat-loving in our family, ‘s birthday next month no matter what.

I want to get a cat by any means.

Back in those mofu mofu days once again.

(T/N: Mofu mofu = fluffy, petting something soft to the touch e.g.
fur, feathers)

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