alm her down, but he didn’t move.
No, he couldn’t move.


“No, that, I… I also… can’t do it! I’m sorry.” William felt bad as he apologized.


“But if we start making the dress tomorrow, we won’t make it in time, you know? There’s also the makeup and hairstyle… But… ah… I guess it’s also impossible for me…” George said.


Leonard, George, Emma, and William had a cat resting its head on their laps, sleeping comfortably.


On the living room floor was a one-horned rabbit fur carpet.
The family sat on it; the cats rolled into their laps and rested their heads like spoiled children while everyone was checking the letters addressed to Melsa.
The family often came home late in the past week, so the cats’ sweet acts on this day couldn’t be helped.


Could the family move their beloved cats, who were sleeping comfortably while purring, aside? Of course not.
There’s no way they could.


“Koumei-san…” Emma petted the back of Koumei’s ear.

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“Mya, mya, purr… Meow…” Koumei responded with a happy snort and sleep talk. 


How cute.
Having her cat rest on her is pure happiness.
It has always been like that since then.
No matter how much she wants to go to the toilet or how numb her legs are, she won’t move.


“Uuu, so cute… U-Uuhh, so cute!”


Even if her bladder burst or if she was bad-mouthed for wearing the same dress by the nobles at the evening party, the joy of having her favorite cat purring in her lap was irresistible.


The sound of four giant cats purring was resounding as time moved forward mercilessly.



~Ryuu-chan‘s story~


Ryuu-chan saw the future where the family was in a rush for a dress.

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(This isn’t good! I have to tell them immediately!)


“Meow! Meow! Meow!”


The whole family started checking the letters.


(Alrighty, it will be okay like this! I’m glad.
I’m glad ♪… Zzz… Zzz… Zzz… Purr…)


The other cats then started sleeping on each of the family member’s laps too.


The whole family couldn’t move.


The next day, it was hectic.


Ryuu-chan‘s foresight is never wrong.

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