voiding any forms of eye contact with Emma.


When she appealed with her eyes to her last hope, her younger brother who had the setting of a genius in this world, William standing next to George had his gaze fixed on Princess Jadwiga behind Rose.


…These useless guys.


Even though her father, older brother, and even her younger brother would risk their lives to protect her if this was an attack from monsters or thugs…


His Highness Edward, standing behind Jadwiga, was also looking at Emma worriedly.

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Perhaps, even his son, the Royal Highness, was not informed of today’s evening party’s purpose.
His Highness was a kind person, so he would have given her a heads-up when they met at the academy if he had known beforehand.


The things precious to Emma were limited.
It was only her family, cats, insects, and food.
She also wasn’t lacking anything so far.


If she were to ask for too much, she would say that the urban royal capital had fewer insects than the Palace.
The mansion’s garden was large, but she already knew of all the insects living in it, so she couldn’t hope for new exciting discoveries.


To be honest, if they would really give her anything, Emma wanted to ask for a rare insect.
But she knew…


That requesting an insect was a no-go for a noble daughter.


It was too insufficient as a reward in the first place.
And Emma would probably get chewed at for putting insects and a noble title at the same level of importance.
Although, insects were more valuable by a long shot from Emma’s perspective.


Then? What else? What else… do I like? 



“Then, Your Majesty, I like Rose-sama very much.
Please give me Rose-sama!”

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‘What I like…‘ As Emma desperately thought about her favorite things, the smiling Rose behind the King entered her sight, and her mouth moved on its own.


“Oh my, Emma-chan.
I also like Emma-chan very much!”


“Eh? No! You can’t ask for Rose.
Rose is mine!” The King shouted with great vigor while circling his arm around Rose’s waist to keep her by his side.


“Your Majesty…”


“I will never allow Rose to leave me.”


“Your Majesty…”


The flirting between a muscular ikeoji and a huge-breasted goddess… Even though he said that anything was fine… The rate of me encountering flirting scenes was too high these days…


It didn’t matter because Rose-sama looked happy, though.

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