ke Palace.
It’s because right now, cats are luxury goods for nobles who don’t have any worries over food, monsters, or money.

“Even though before (in Japan), we can just adopt a stray cat…”

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Emma misses her past life.
Especially since our parent’s house is in the countryside, there were many stray cats, and when I noticed, those cats already became my pets*.
Even though we are in the countryside too, the lack of cats here is a severe problem for the Stuart family.

(*T/N: This sentence is about when you often feed stray cats food, they will come to your house again and again.
So they became your ‘pets’ without you noticing.)

A world without cats is like a bubble tea without bubbles.

“Stray cats… Ah! There’s a rumor about stray cats.”

Joshua starts talking more about it.

“From a few years ago in the Skyte territory, there were sightings of cats one after another.
It was said that it had escaped from a mansion somewhere, but there was nobody who claimed to be the owner.
It was even said that the cats went hunting for monsters in groups?”

“But… cats are expensive, won’t it be captured by someone?”

There is no way people will leave a cat that’s worth one house alone.
It’s likely to make more money than finding buried treasure or winning alone in gambling.

“It seems that the cat is particularly huge and nimble, so no one can catch it.”

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A cat that can hunt monsters surely can live without being caught by humans.

“A huge… cat.”

Emma’s eyes shine.

A huge cat… What a wonderful phrase.

I want to fluff it.

“Skyte territory… is very far, nee-sama.”

William looks at Emma’s shining eyes and reminds her.

For the time being, we asked Joshua to get us a cat catalog, then went home.

The three siblings were never given pocket money, but if there is something they want, they will ask it to father, so our father will buy it and he will be happy to do so too.
But it’s different now.

The three were discussing how to raise money on the carriage returning home, but couldn’t come up with a good idea.

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