ng her as a genuine saint.


“Your Majesty, Emma-chan is too pitiful if you put her in the center of attention like this.
It’s nice to see that Emma-chan was bestowed the reward she wants.”


Worried about Emma, who had started to break out in cold sweat, Rose stepped forward and hugged Emma tightly to hide her from the King and the nobles’ sight.


“You’re right.
Sorry for that, Emma-chan.
This is the end of the award ceremony.
Everyone, enjoy the rest of tonight.”


Emma, who was unexpectedly satiated by Rose’s boobs, and was squeezed tightly by the amazing elasticity, thought, ‘Ah, whatever… I’m fine with being called a pervy girl…’ as she gave herself to that ample chest.

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“…Nee-sama… becoming a saint after transmigrating to another world… Just what kind of a dangerous flag is she raising…”


“Emma… she really didn’t do it on purpose, right?”


William scrunched up his face from the pain coming from his temple as he mumbled.

Completely ignoring the fact that the talk about the reward was initiated by his own carelessness, George greatly admired his younger sister’s ability to make trouble.


“Ahh, Emma is an angel, but a saint defines her just fine, too.”

“Uh-huh.” Leonard nodded in satisfaction.



Finally able to get off the stage, Emma scolded George with a resentful face.


“George nii-sama, please report, communicate, and discuss things properly from now on.”

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“…My bad.”


“…But, well, we acquired the slums smoothly… I’m glad.”


The rare mushrooms, which were the ingredient of Harold’s ink, grew in clusters in the underground of that slum.

If they made it into their territory, the ingredient and Harold, who could make the ink, would belong to House Stuart.


From now on, the right for that ink could only fall into the hands of the Stuart family.


Because there were no competition laws in this country.


Only her older and younger brother alone saw the evil smile on Emma’s face that was a far cry from a… ‘saint.’ 



Author’s words: An unexpected assist from The Constitution of Japan Article 25.

It was probably the first time they put their previous life’s knowledge to good use…

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