I envied Joshua, who started running off to save Emma before he could even think.

To think that a Prince would envy a merchant’s child… How pathetic…


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“Your Highness, as a prince, you have something you can do.”


Even Arthur’s voice of warning sounded extremely unpleasant to my ears right now.

I know, I know, I know.

But, I wanted to protect Emma with my own hands, with Edward Torse Royal’s hands.

I wanted to do so not because I wanted people to thank me, nor because I wished Emma would come to like me as a result.
All of that didn’t matter.
I just… wanted to protect her.
It was as simple as that.

The image of her suffering from the pain from the wounds she had gotten from the slime was still vivid in my mind.

I couldn’t bear to see her, to see Emma, in pain.

I wanted her to keep smiling.


I wanted to be able to protect that smile.


Swallowing all those heavy thoughts, I ordered Arthur as a prince of this country.


“…Dispatch the knights from the royal castle.
I will take responsibility.
Investigate the cause, protect the young ladies, and treat the injured.”

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Even if this commotion turned out to be started because of an insignificant matter, no one would raise any complaints about the dispatch of the knights after hearing that they moved under the Prince’s orders.

The initial response was crucial in any matter.

That was the lesson I had learnt from the local barrier hazard in Valerie.


End of Prince Edward’s POV

“Thank you, Your Highness.”


Releasing his hold on the Prince’s hand, Arthur dispatched a messenger to the royal castle.


“Your Highness, let’s evacuate while the place is still safe.
I will lead the way.”


Pretending not to see the Prince’s hand which was bleeding from clenching his fist too hard, Arthur, too, hid his frustration for not being able to do anything but prioritize his duty as the Prince’s guard in this situation.


Arthur could only pray for the safety of Emma and the young ladies who headed to their Embroidery class.

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