ees in front of Emma, gasping for breath.

Arriving only a step late behind Joshua, George and William also gathered directly around Emma as they raised vigilance against their surroundings.


“Emma, what happened?!”


When George looked at the scene around him, he was completely stupefied.

Around a dozen or so young ladies were lying on the ground unconscious, and several young ladies stood motionless in shock.
In the middle of that, some young ladies were struggling to run from the place while enduring the pain of the wound they had gotten from tripping over the unconscious bodies.


It was a picture of hell.


“Nee-sama, is it a monster?! Is it a local barrier hazard?!”



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After being too immersed in her own world for a while, Emma finally looked at her surroundings after William’s words snapped her back to reality.


“Eh? What happened… to everyone?”


“That’s what we are asking here!!!” William screamed. Why, why must my older sister be the only one spacing out in this situation?!


“Emma-sama, are you injured? Does it hurt anywhere?”


Joshua supported Emma’s body to help her stand up, but she wouldn’t budge.




‘Is she really hurt somewhere?‘ The three boys looked at Emma worriedly.


“Sorry… I don’t think… I can stand up… Here, look…”


Emma rolled up her skirt a little to show the numerous Tanzanian giant tailless whip scorpions hiding inside.

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“Eeeeek, arghhh!”


“Gehh? Ehhhhhh?”


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Inside Emma-sama‘s skirt, ahhhhh!!!”


Even William and George, who were already used to being around insects, screamed after seeing the tailless whip scorpion.
Its appearance was that special.


“A lot of Tanzanian giant tailless whip scorpions♪ suddenly fell from above when I was walking, you see.
It’s great that I was able to collect them all in my skirt, but if I stand up too forcefully, they’ll fall out… I definitely must take them all home with me without leaving a single one behind!”


“Ehe.” Emma laughed bashfully.


“So basically, the girls saw this insect, and that’s how things turned into what it is now?”


William couldn’t help but have his mouth twitch after figuring out the situation.

If a large quantity of this insect fell from above, the noble daughters would, of course, be so shocked that they fainted.


“Even though they look this cute?” Emma tilted her head in wonder.

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