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Under the order of the Second Prince to rescue the young ladies and investigate the cause of the panic, us knights had arrived in the academy.
After rushing here in the early morning while speculating what could have happened, we were greeted by the sight of great chaos when we reached the academy grounds.

Some young ladies had fainted, some were crying and screaming… The ladies over there were injured… and the ladies over at this side had fallen into a daze and started behaving weirdly…


We received a report earlier that the brothers of the Stuart family were heading to the scene with the Rothschild family’s son to save their sister.
Well, at any rate, we should start with the location of the incident to investigate the cause, so I immediately rushed over to the road leading to the Embroidery class.
I might also be able to get some information from the Stuart children there.


As I approached the place, I could immediately see the children standing under a big tree.


“According to my elder sister, a large number of insects fell from the tree.
And because that insect had an awfully distasteful appearance, the girls went into a panic upon seeing it…”


William Stuart explained the details of the accident as he had heard from his older sister. Hmm, this boy seems a little too young to enroll in the academy, doesn’t he…

I once heard that the frail and delicate young noble ladies would scream at the sight of even the tiniest insect, but just what kind of insect was it to have caused such a huge panic?


“And the current location of that insect is?”


Although the boy had stated that numerous insects fell from a tree, which meant that they should have been scattered all over the place, I hadn’t seen any insects anywhere.


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“W-Who knows… B-By the time we arrived at the scene, there wasn’t a single one… Perhaps it flew away?”


Perhaps still worried for his older sister, the young boy, William, kept glancing at Lady Emma’s face while explaining the situation.

Poor Lady Emma… She couldn’t even stand because her legs gave out from fear.

Well, it’s inevitable for her to be shaken for that insect even made some ladies faint.


“E-Excuse me, is it alright if we go home first? I… I-I want to let my older sister rest.”


Over William-kun‘s head, I could see the older brother, George-kun, holding up his younger sister, who couldn’t stand on her own, carefully in his arms.


“Yeah, of course.
You should stop by the first aid room if your sister is injured.
If everything’s alright, then you should hurry and take your sister home.
The academy, too, will most likely cancel all classes today for there has a big panic.”


After seeing off the Stuart family’s siblings and the Rothschild family’s son, I ran to the royal castle to turn in my report.
Hopefully, it could give the Second Prince some peace of mind.

The Prince had bowed his head to a mere knight like me, asking me to save Lady Emma.
That was why I wanted to inform him immediately that Lady Emma was safe.


Speaking of which, I wonder what kind of insect it was…

Was it a coincidence… or…

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