the Duke ordered Robert.

“Hurry and find them!!! The insects!!! The tailless whip scorpions!!! Get it back before the Royal Family finds out that we lost it!!! At worst, just bring back a pair! One male and one female!”


“You will not be allowed to enter the mansion until you bring the insects back!” The Duke gave an ultimatum.

After his father’s scolding was finally over, Robert was directly chased out of the mansion before he could even feel relieved.

The sky was already getting dark outside.


“W-Why do I have to suffer like this…?”


Even though Robert was still perplexed about how things had turned out, he started walking towards the school with heavy steps.

Although those insects are disgusting, they don’t have wings.
With that many of them, I’m sure I can find them in no time after looking around the tree.

At that time, Robert, who was thinking optimistically, didn’t know…


…that every single one of those tailless whip scorpions had been taken home by Emma.



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“…Your Highness.
Why are the knights still stationed at the academy?”


Prince Edward, who was evacuated to the royal castle and was relieved after being informed that Emma was safe, ordered several knights to stay behind at the academy even after the situation had settled.


“Arthur, I remember what Emma once said.
That ‘the culprit’ will definitely return to the scene…”


“C-Culprit? Do you think that this incident was orchestrated by someone, and not a coincidence, Your Highness?”


Based on the report, the ladies who fainted, and the wounded ladies, fortunately, didn’t sustain any serious injuries, and the damage was minimal, considering the size of the accident.

However, nobody knows how much psychological trauma it caused.

Dropping that many insects on the quiet, lovely, and delicate Emma is absolutely unforgivable.


Didn’t the knight say that Emma’s legs gave out from the fear, and that she needed to be carried home by George?

I hope you won’t have any scary dreams.

I hope you will never feel sad.

I hope you will always stay healthy.


How frustrating.

But more than anything, I’m frustrated at myself, who couldn’t rush to her location immediately and take her hand.

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Even though I just want to protect that smile with my own two hands…


Just who was the ‘culprit’ who put Emma in danger?

I will never forgive that person.

Thinking back on his powerlessness during the incident, Prince Edward resolved himself.



At that moment…


“Kyaa~ Do it again, Koumei-san! Do that ‘Line up~’ thing again!”






“Kyaa~ How cute~!!!”


Today, Emma’s smile bloomed in full power like never before.



Author’s words: I tried to emphasize the difference between Robert’s father and Leonard, but… how should I put this? It’s like the Prince has both…

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