The Emperor and the Shogun administrate state affairs together in the Raven Castle… Although it is similar to Japan, it is a different country after all… Melsa could only convince herself that this was a different world.


Melsa and her group were guided to the painting-like mansion in front of the castle.


“Please take off your shoes.”


A ninja whispered to them.

Melsa translated the ninja’s words to the Kingdom language immediately, so as to stop Oliver, who was about to enter the mansion with his shoes on.


The interior of the building was not red.


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“Y-you should’ve told me that sooner! Melsa!”


Oliver, who didn’t understand the etiquette of this unfamiliar foreign country, lashed out at Melsa.


“Well then, I will go to report my return.
I will leave your side for a while.“


After excusing himself, the ninja disappeared in a flash.


We are pleased to have you here.” A court lady came out to greet Melsa and the envoys.


The lady standing in the middle of the room was an old woman who looked over 100 years old.
Her hair was not white but light blue.
She was accompanied by a young court lady on each of her sides.


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“I am the Head Court Lady, Ume.“


“My name is Melsa Stuart.
I’m here as an interpreter.
We will be in your care during our stay.
This is our country’s diplomat, Oliver deFros, and merchants from the Kingdom’s Rothschild Company…”


Melsa wasn’t here to sightsee, so she put away her nonchalant look and acted professionally.

Ume and the two court ladies were surprised by Melsa’s fluent Imperial Japanese, but they controlled their expression quickly.


“What a wonderful language ability.
How very admirable.
We will guide you to your rooms.
I apologize for the rush, but you will have an audience with His Majesty and the Shogun immediately after.“



Translator’s note: A little bit of background on the shogun, shogunate, and Melsa’s comment about ‘Imperial Japan is not Japan after all.’

Shogun was the title for the hereditary military dictator of Japan from 1192 to 1867.
While the shogunate was originally under the Emperor’s command, it became much more influential later on, and control of the military became tantamount to control of the country, whereas the Emperor only held a symbolic role, or in other words, was a figurehead.
The Shogun and the Emperor did not work together in the same castle (the Emperor remained in Kyoto while the shogunate moved its capital to Edo (now Tokyo)).
[More details on britannica]

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