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I would tremble if it were signs of a dog, but I love cats.
Moreover, this voice is…




When I heard a meow nearby and lifted my crying face…


There’s a calico cat Koumei-san in front of me.






“Did you come to pick me up?”




Koumei-san, who usually hates hugs, jumps to Minato’s laps and licks her messy face…


*lick* *lick*


A cat’s tongue is rough, so it’s kinda hurt, but Minato laughed softly.
I like cats.
And I super-like Koumei-san.


“Thank you, Koumei-san.“


It feels like laugh and energy came back to the anxious, scared, and hopeless Minato.




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Koumei-san separates himself from Minato and begins to walk.


As if to say ‘follow me’, Koumei-san walks, looks back to confirm Minato is there, then walks again.


Even though I was scared until I can’t move, now I’m alright.


I wipe my tears and stand up, then follow behind Koumei-san.


Without getting lost, Koumei-san passed through the forest and came out to a street that Minato knows.


The dog who followed after me until I entered the forest is also gone.


I’m not scared of the dim road when I’m with Koumei-san.


When I got home safely, Mom only said, “You’re late today.”


Even though I just had that scary experience and felt like the end of a little adventure, I was disappointed.


(T/N: disappointed that her mother’s reaction was only that)


At dinner that day, my older brother Wataru tells a shocking truth.


“Today… Koumei-san fought with the labrador Love.”




The whole family raises their voice.
Koumei-san, an ordinary calico cat, and Love, a labrador retriever… Even their physiques have a considerable difference.


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“Is Koumei-san alright?”


Peita worriedly says.


Wataru makes a serious face…


“Koumei-san… had an overwhelming victory over Love…”


Love literally curled its tail and ran away.




The whole family raises their voice again.


“Now that you mention it, Koumei-san is the cat boss around here…”


“Love is a pet dog… but Koumei-san grows up half-stray…”


“Koumei-san, amazing!!”


Only Minato laughs in her heart as the family utters surprise and praise to Koumei-san.


To think that Koumei-san took down my enemy for me…


After that, when Love meets not just Koumei-san but also me, it will start running away with its tail between its legs.



Author’s note: The three siblings call Koumei with the honorific ‘-san’

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