Beauty Looking Back and Her Demanded Rewards [Part 1]

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“Introducing Imperial Japan’s 121st Emperor, His Imperial Majesty, Yukarinomiya Hinomoto, and the 45th Shogun, His Excellency, Fujiyoshirou Toyotomi.“


Head Court Lady Ume guided the Kingdom’s envoys to their assigned rooms and brought them to the Edo Castle after they had changed into formal clothes.

The audience with the Emperor and the Shogun was held on the highest floor of the castle tower.
As there was no elevator, they needed to climb all the way upstairs.
Melsa struggled a little to keep up with Ume, who climbed the stairs at a ridiculous speed.


Melsa saw that Oliver was breathing hard as he walked up the stairs, so she asked him if he wanted her to ask Ume to slow down a little, but he snapped at her instead, saying that it was unnecessary.

He often gets mad whenever I try to be thoughtful of him, even back in our academy days. Melsa thought, feeling a little nostalgic.

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“Thank you for coming.
We are very grateful for the Kingdom’s help.“


The Emperor and the Shogun both bowed their heads.


Seeing the Emperor, who was revered as a god by his people, and the Shogun, the first in command over the military, bowing to Melsa and Oliver didn’t cause Melsa to belittle them.
Instead, it clearly showed her their competence as leaders.

Dignity was important, but the same went for courtesy.

The Emperor and the Shogun’s unconscientious display made a huge contrast with Oliver’s complacent face for receiving their bow even though he and his pathetically little competence didn’t deserve it.
The difference between the two parties gave Melsa the impression that Imperial Japan was a respectable country.

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“Here is the list of the relief supplies sent by the House of Count Stuart.”


Melsa handed Ume the relief supplies list prepared by the Rothschild Company which she had translated to Imperial Japanese beforehand.

The Emperor, who received the list from Ume, inhaled sharply.


“T-This is…“


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He did feel that they had brought in a lot of food to the imperial residence, but it was a greater quantity than he expected.


“Wait, you there, did you just say that this was sent by the House of Count Stuart? This is not the aid from the Kingdom?“


The Shogun questioned Melsa warily.

The aid from the state and private aid were two different matters.
People who only wanted to maximize their personal interests would demand outrageous rewards.
Countries still needed to put up appearances to look generous, but a greedy individual knew no limit.

Even so, now that food supplies in Imperial Japan’s reserve had only been decreasing, they couldn’t afford to refuse these rations presented to them, no matter what the demanded rewards would be.

Have greedy nobles in the Kingdom gotten wind of the information about Imperial Japan’s magic stones even though we only hinted about it a little…? Is that the reason why the man sitting next to the interpreter lady, who was said to be a diplomat, appears very arrogant? Oliver’s attitude weighed on the Shogun’s mind.

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The aid from the country will take more time to prepare.
After hearing about the situation from His Imperial Highness, Tasuku, we voluntarily assumed that your country could not afford to wait until then.
We have already received permission from His Majesty, the King to send this aid.“


Melsa, who spoke confidently with elegant gestures, smiled brightly.


“And of course, House Stuart gave this aid in hopes of receiving something in return.
That’s why there is no need for Your Imperial Majesty and Your Lordship to lower your head.
Because this is a transaction.“


The Shogun’s wary look loosened a little after hearing what Melsa said with an indifferent smile.
He didn’t expect her to seek rewards this boldly in the name of a transaction.
In the first place, what should a perishing country like Imperial Japan be stingy about? Not letting the people starve at their final moments should be the only thing they wished for.

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