Beauty Looking Back and Her Demanded Rewards [Part 2]

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The Shogun’s wary look loosened a little after hearing what Melsa said with an indifferent smile.
He didn’t expect her to seek rewards this boldly in the name of a transaction.
In the first place, what should a perishing country like Imperial Japan be stingy about? Not letting the people starve at their final moments should be the only thing they wished for.


You, what’s your name?“


During the opening address, Melsa was focused on interpreting for the diplomat, Oliver, from start to end, and the Shogun didn’t get to hear her name.

Rather than the diplomat, the Shogun had more interest in the very likable interpreter…

…to the point of wanting her to join his harem if Imperial Japan wasn’t in this kind of situation.


“My name is Melsa Stuart.” 



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“Yes, Count Stuart is my husband.“


AHH—— She’s already married—!

I thought a woman coming to Imperial Japan meant that she was single—…

And here I thought I had a chance with her—…


The Emperor threw a judgy sidelong glance at the Shogun, who was drooping his head dejectedly.
It seemed like the Shogun would never fix his skirt-chasing behavior even when the country was experiencing a crisis.


“Well then, let’s hear what House Stuart wants in return.“


” ” “Your Imperial Majesty—!” ” “


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The close attendants standing on both sides of Melsa and Oliver couldn’t hold back their voices anymore.

Although they had already decided in a meeting that there was no other choice but to distribute the magic stones to the outside world, that was only in the case of repaying the help from other countries.
Giving them to one of the Kingdom’s nobles would be a different matter.

The fact that Imperial Japan was the treasure trove of magic stones must not be known.

While they could accept dealings with other countries just fine, they didn’t want to do personal transactions with a noble because it was too difficult to surmise an individual’s credibility to protect this secret. 


Both the Emperor and the Shogun silenced them with their eyes.

Imperial Japan only had a year left. 

And the amount of food listed was just enough to support the people’s needs in that span.


“We could tell from His Imperial Highness Tasuku’s attitude that Imperial Japan’s situation must be very grave.
However, there are just some things that our House could not give up on.
It is all written here…“


Melsa directly presented a paper to Ume.

Just like the supplies list, the Emperor looked over the paper he received from Ume, but…

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“W-What?! This—!“


There was not a single word about magic stones written on the paper.


“A-Are you… sure?“


The Emperor and the Shogun skimmed through the paper once again but still didn’t find the word ‘magic stones’.


“We requested these while fully knowing that we might be asking for too much.
Among those listed, we absolutely want the one written on the first line.
And if it’s feasible, we also want what is written next.“


Melsa made it clear that she had no intention to compromise on those two things.

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“W-W-Wh… why…?“


The Emperor and the Shogun were lost for words as they looked at the paper.


“Your Imperial Majesty, what is written on that paper?“


“What kind of absurd demand is it?“


“I-Is it our port’s torii gates that she wants?!“


Without a magician, magic stones were no different from mere stones.

The rows of torii gates contained various spells needed for national defense and were national treasures in and of itself.
It was evident that Imperial Japan would be easily discovered by other countries and become vulnerable to anyone who wanted to rob its magic stones if it ever lost the torii gates.
Those gates were the most important things to Imperial Japan.

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