r expressions were a bit off… ‘What could they be so surprised about?’



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” ” “…Huh?” ” “


…Dried bonito.“

[T/N: katsuobushi]


” ” “…Huh?” ” “


“…Miso, soy sauce, spicy pollack roe… Japanese pickles, natto, tofu, and r-red bean paste?“


” ” “…Hhuh?” ” “


“Please forgive our rudeness for requesting food ingredients from a country suffering from food shortage.
But we want to eat rice by all means.“


” ” “…Huhhhhhh?” ” “


“H-hey, Melsa, what’s everyone been clamoring about since earlier?”

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Oliver couldn’t hold back anymore and finally asked Melsa.


“We are discussing the rewards for the relief supplies.”


“You… just what kind of nonsensical thing did you demand?”


“Oliver, we are talking about something important right now, so can you shut up a little?”


“Uh? Melsa, you know that I’m the diplomat, right?”


“I will tell you more about it later.”


Melsa didn’t remember ever asking Oliver to accompany her here in the first place.


“You… are always so uncute…”


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Oliver badmouthed her without hiding his irritability.


“Aside from the time when we were engaged, I don’t see any merit for having you think of me as cute.”


“Hah, you’re really not cute.”


Does this man think this will hurt me?

…No, there was a time when I was deeply hurt by this.

I completely forgot about those days because Leonard has praised me more than Oliver has ever cursed me.

When we first met at the academy that day, I had never thought that he would really say “I love you” to me every day.
He has made me very happy.

I want to bring the rice home quickly and cook it for him.

Thinking about the delighted face of her husband and children, Melsa steeled herself to succeed.


“Your Imperial Majesty, Your Lordship.
Can you please give us rice and dried bonito in exchange?“



Author’s words: It was the critical moment on whether or not they could obtain rice.

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