at weird?

Melsa shouldn’t be doing menial work.
She is a woman who deserves to be above that.

I can treasure her more dearly.
If only she chose me…


“Eh? Amazing! The fire and water all came from magic stones?!“


In Imperial Japan, every house uses magic stones with fire and water magic to cook.
When night comes, we will turn on lamps powered with magic stones that contain light magic.
We also wash clothes using a box embedded with water magic stones that can produce a water current and dry the clothes with wind magic stones.“


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“H-How convenient…“


As Melsa chatted with Ume and listened to her stories while cooking, she could tell that Imperial Japan was definitely more technologically advanced than the Kingdom.
The devices Ume had just talked about were like a lineup of home appliances from their previous life, but they were all supplied with magic-imbued magic stones instead of electricity.


“The Kingdom doesn’t have these?“


Ume asked, looking a little surprised.
Because the Kingdom was the second-largest country after the Empire, she had thought that it was much ahead of Imperial Japan in every aspect. 


But I heard that noble mansions used those devices around 30 years ago…“


Melsa didn’t expect Imperial Japan to be so abundant in magic stones that literally everyone could use them.


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“You mentioned earlier that there are no wizards in the Kingdom, but in Imperial Japan, magic stones that are pre-charged with magic are commonly sold.
These magic stones can even be used in the Kingdom because, unlike barrier magic, you don’t have to apply the magic on site.“


“…That’s really amazing… Maybe I shouldn’t have said that I don’t need magic stones…“


Magic stones that already contain magic are normally sold in Imperial Japan… How can food shortages occur when they have such an advanced magic stone culture… Melsa thought strangely.


“It is not too late now, you know? We won’t mind if you change your request to magic-imbued magic stones instead of rice.“


Ume’s eyes glinted as soon as she heard what Melsa said.


“Umm, no.
This and that are different.
Rice is a must.“


Melsa smiled bitterly in reply to Ume as she sautéed the ingredients.
Despite the expression on her face, she was actually very impressed internally with Imperial Japan’s kitchen.
She could even adjust the heat level because there were stoves for low, medium, and high heat.

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