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The close attendants standing on the Shogun’s side looked very determined when they said those words.

After the two clasped hands once to encourage each other, they scooped the red thing on the small plate and delivered it to their mouths in one go.


“!!! Ugh—!!!“


“!!! Mmph—!!!“


Fukushima and Katou’s eyes widened as their mouths chewed intensely.


“F-Fukushima!!! Katou!!! Don’t force yourself!!!“


The Emperor and the Shogun rose from their seats as they looked at their loyal retainers’ reckless actions worriedly.

For a while, all the attention was focused on the two people chewing, and the room gradually became so quiet that only the sounds of gulping could be heard.




“…I-It has a beautiful taste—…!“


” ” “Eh???” ” “

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“Your Lordship, contrary to its appearance, it has a gentle taste.“


“Your Imperial Majesty, if it’s this dish, even women and children will… like it!“


Even though it was red, it wasn’t spicy.

It was an extremely balanced combination between a bit of sourness and sweetness.

With both vegetables and meat inside, the dish was very filling.


“I-It’s delicious…?“


“Very delicious!!!“


Although they themselves still found it hard to believe, their tongues couldn’t lie.


Seeing that the two trusted subordinates among the Shogun’s seven close attendants claimed that it was delicious, the other attendants also started to eat the red dish timidly.


” “Eh??? Delicious!” “


” “Huh? It’s good!” “

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” “Eh?? How(?) could it taste good?” “


No one said that it didn’t suit their taste.

The Shogun and the Emperor, too, prepared themselves to eat Melsa’s cooking.


“…It’s… delicious.“


“…Yeah, it’s good…“


Although this was their first time eating it, the dish somehow tasted nostalgic to them.

The Emperor asked Melsa, who laughed in satisfaction after seeing the Imperial Japan side’s reaction.


“What is the name of this… dish?“


Yeah, that’s right.
This is everyone’s favorite…


“Spaghetti napolitan.”


Melsa answered.

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