Chapter 16 – The Dead of Night

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I suddenly woke up.




I absent-mindedly think.



That’s impossible.

Because Koumei-san died when Minato was in the last year of high school.

That’s why that crying sound is not Koumei-san‘s, but other cat’s voice.

Another… cat?

At that thought, I quickly get up.

In this territory… no, in this country, it’s impossible to hear a cat’s cry from outside.

As soon as I left my room in a hurry, two doors also opened at the same time.

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It’s George and William.
It seems the two also heard it.

I somewhat can’t standstill.



It’s calling me.
It’s searching for me.

Maybe it’s because of the dream, but I feel like that.

Without hesitation, I run outside.

“Ah, hey, Emma!”


Even if she’s spoiled, Emma, a daughter of a Count, is prohibited from going out alone.
It’s also the same for George and William as sons of a Count.
It’s possible to go out with Father’s permission, but only when a servant and an escort follow along.

It’s inappropriate to go out late at night without permission.

Emma couldn’t unlock the front door, so I ran out from the back door, and when I passed through Emma’s shed… there’s a strange sensation that fell on my head.

When I pick it up while running impatiently, it’s my favorite violet spider.

“You… So you can escape, huh.”

The spider has grown to a size that can’t fit in Emma’s both hands, perhaps because it ate not only its fellow insects but also the feed for the giant silkworms.

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“Hold on tight, okay.”

I put the spider back above my head and run again towards the cat’s voice.

“Wow, nii-sama! Emma nee-sama is running with a spider on her head!”

“Is she Nau**caä…”

(T/N: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, a 1984 Japanese movie)

Emma’s pajama today is a blue one-piece dress.

It’s only lacking a giant silkworm larva… whispers George while the distance between them and Emma is widening.

“Nee-sama is so fast!”

“She’s 1000 times faster than Minato!”

Emma will definitely be scolded by Father for going out alone.
Emma’s fault is also the older and younger brother’s fault.

Palace territory is relatively safe, but I don’t think children can return home in the middle of the night without any incident.

George, still in his pajamas, only brings his favorite sword and chases after Emma.
He has cut monsters before, but humans… he has never done it.
He firmly fixes his grip on his sword and frantically runs after Emma.

“I thought it’s gonna be better because it’s Minato…”




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The cat’s cry can still be heard.

Emma speeds up as if being rushed by it.

If Minato had been able to run like this, it would have been easier to escape from Love…

Before long, she arrived at a town a few kilometers away from the mansion.

Even so, Emma doesn’t slow down.

George and William have been shaken off long ago.

Emma has never stopped.
If you went out to the street where many bars in town lined up, you could see a fluttering figure.

The next day is the week’s day off, a lot of drunken men discover Emma.

“Hn-? What is Young Lady doing at this time…”

*WHOOSH* Before the man finishes speaking, she runs past him.

“! So fast! What’s that?”

“O, oiii! Catch her-!”

The men yell at other drunkards that were in Emma’s direction.

Confusedly, the drunken men try to catch Emma… but, *WHOOSH* huh? Is that human? She passes them with an unbelievable speed.

“If it comes to this, line up in a row! We will definitely catch her!”

The drunkards become serious and yell, then line up to block the road.

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Suddenly the spider shoots a glowing purple thread, aiming at the lined up men’s face.

Their views being obstructed, those men struggle to get rid of the thread, and at that time, Emma *boing* jumps over them.


A group of strong men who drink away until midnight.

A girl who easily jumps over all the tall men.

A big jump over 2 meters.


In her head, there’s a spider that’s too big to hold.


Those men she broke through very easily contemplate that they drank too much and doubt that it was all a dream.

It was such an unbelievable situation that those men whose face was covered in the violet spider’s glowing thread thought it was a dream.

The men unanimously said to each other that they shouldn’t get any drunker than this and decided to go home.



Author’s note: Emma’s… a monster…?

Translator note: When the point of view is from the first-person point of view, it is from Minato’s POV.
That’s why sometimes she would mention Emma’s name in the sentence (which might get confusing).

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