lsa! What was it? What did those Imperial Japanese people say?!”


“They laughed because the ‘shoki shoki’ noise came from a harmless specter called Azuki Arai, and that it was completely alright.”


“Specter?! What is that? A monster? Is it a monster?”


“I think it’s more like a type of ghost, though…”


“Ghost!!! Isn’t that dangerous?! We could get cursed! Call the exorcists of this country immediately!”


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“Didn’t they already say that it’s fine and that it was harmless? …Azuki Arai… How nostalgic… So they have specters in Imperial Japan too, huh… ‘Wash me beans, or catch me a human to eat… Shoki-shoki! Shoki-shoki!’, was it?”


‘Fufufu’ Melsa remembered about her past world and hummed the tune.


“I-It eats humans, so of course it’s not okay!”


Oliver trembled after hearing what Melsa said.


“Wouldn’t it be alright if you chose to wash the beans in the end? Well, I’m not sure though.
Can you return to your room now, Oliver?”


“No, but why was there a spider on your head—”


“There’s no way I had a spider on my head!”


Melsa forcibly chased Oliver out of her room and closed the sliding door shut.

Violet, who had been hiding in the shadow of the table, appeared with a rustle and looked up at Melsa worriedly.

“I fooled him somehow, so it’s alright,” Melsa grinned at Violet and invited the spider to sleep while tidying the many recipes she had written.


Melsa’s POV

Oliver really has the worst timing.”


I can’t believe he would abruptly open the sliding door to my room in the middle of the night without knocking first.

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He pretended to be all strong and great when he was, in fact, a coward.
That part of him hasn’t changed since long ago.

Just thinking that I would have been married to him if he hadn’t broken off our engagement at that time gave me the shivers.


Now I can’t imagine being with any other man besides Leonard.

It was the first time we were separated this far since we got married.


As I started feeling drowsy, I lay down on the bed while thinking about the faces of my husband and children.

I wonder if everyone is doing alright…

Is Leonard taking good care of the children…

Is George studying properly…

Is William keeping up well with his Practical Skill for Hunters…

Is Emma… causing any trouble…



Emma… is not making any trouble, right?

Emma… is alright, right?




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