hur still didn’t forget to give the Prince a clever assist even when he was busy laughing till his stomach hurt.


“Your face is bright red, Your Highness! How about having a seat? Shall I prepare you something cold to drink?” Emma pulled the Prince’s hand and let him sit on the sofa.


While looking at the Prince’s docile and obedient appearance from the corner of his eyes amusedly, Arthur suggested to Leonard, “Count Stuart, His Highness didn’t sleep a wink last night, so could you let him rest here for a while? And if possible, I would like us to talk in another room so as to not disturb His Highness’ rest.”


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“…I suppose I have no choice…”


Leonard reluctantly ordered a servant to prepare another room.
It was as though he was making a painful decision.

Leaving Emma to look after the Prince, the other people in the room started moving rooms.
But when George was about to head to the door, he was stopped by Leonard.


“You stay here in this room, understood? I don’t care if he is a prince.
If he thinks of doing something to Emma, show him no mercy.
I will take responsibility for whatever happens after that.
You got that? George.”




Emma… you… To cause a ruckus just by entering the drawing room…

And Father… your daughter is almost 40 on the inside, so I don’t think you need to worry that much… right? 

While George wouldn’t go against his father, he still grumbled silently in his heart.


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“Your Highness, I think you should lie down and sleep for a while.
Ah, I will lend you my lap.
How about using my knees as a pillow? Fufufu, how nostalgic.
This reminds me of that time last year.”


“Emmaaaa! Why must you push things further like that?!”


The Prince’s face, which couldn’t have turned any redder than that, was an amazing sight to see in its own way.

George glared at his younger sister as he held his head in his hand.


“??? What are you talking about, Onii-sama?”


While putting the Prince’s head on her lap and stroking the silky black hair, Emma tilted her head in confusion.



Author’s words: Treats in turn for everyone.

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