hort-lived… Emma groaned internally.

On the opposite sofa, George also had an exasperated face that yelled, “Are you stupid?” to Emma.

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“…Please forgive me.
I also thought that… I had to let you know, but…”


“No, that’s very much like Emma, always so kind.
Even if it’s Robert, you will feel sorry for him if he’s put in prison.”


The Prince gently relaxed his eyebrows and laughed.
‘Emma is so full of compassion that she is even called a ‘Saint’.
She will even forgive the foolish Robert and his crony even though she has had such a hard time because of them…

Emma is drooping her head, trembling with both hands clasped together on her knees.
She was probably reminded of the horror she felt because of yesterday’s uproar,’ thought the Prince.


“…Robert-sama and Bryan-sama… are now in prison?” Emma seemed to find it very hard to ask that question.

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“I caught them returning to the academy to search for the insects last night.
They are subjected to that treatment because they have caused a disturbance of that scale at the academy, a place under the royal castle’s protection.
That’s why until their punishment is decided, they will remain imprisoned.
Moreover, those insects are precious to the Kingdom.”


“Imprisoned…? Precious insects to the Kingdom…?


George started sweating in trickles.
He couldn’t see Emma’s expression well because she was looking down, but he was sure that she was currently panicking as much as him.


“T-They ended up in prison j-just because they threw insects?” Emma looked at the Prince as she said that in a panicked, quivering voice.


“Emma, you don’t have to push yourself like that.
You don’t need to pass it off as ‘just throwing insects’.
I’m sure that the horror Emma experienced at that time was not an insignificant one.
Emma is the biggest victim, even among all the young ladies harmed.
I was so, so worried about Emma that I just couldn’t help myself.”

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