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Just a little more.

Just less than 100 meters.


When I’m about to put more strength into my legs, I’m caught in something.

I fall forward with momentum.

“Hurt!… Eh, it doesn’t?”

The moment I was going to fall, the spider shot out threads that became a cushion.

Thanks to that, I’m uninjured even when I fell at top speed.

When I check my captured leg, something wrap around it.
As I followed its direction, I saw the hand of a bounty hunter.

A whip?

The tip of that man’s whip wrapped around my leg.

“What are you doing!”

I shout without thinking, but rather than that, I should have escaped…

I’m surrounded by countless men before I could unravel the whip.

“Out for a late-night run, Young Lady?”

The men gather around me with an unpleasant smile.

It seems there’s no chance to escape, and they won’t let me either.

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“Ah… Um…”

I’m so absorbed that I don’t see the surroundings, which I often regret and reflect later, but right I can’t joke about it.
I have a hunch that it’s a little dangerous.

At least I have to save the spider, but when I touch my head, there’s no spider.
It may have fallen from the impact when I fell.

“Head-! She’s quite a beauty?”

“Isn’t what she’s wearing high-quality silk?”

A man approaches Emma to touch her clothes.

“Please don’t touch me!”

I slapped the man’s stretched hand without thinking.

“It hurts! Don’t get cocky just because we’re nice to you!”

The slapped man gets mad and raises his hand.

‘I’m going to be hit!’ I close my eyes and protect my head with both hands.

But, nothing happens.


In Emma’s, who is currently looking down, ears, there’s a *swoosh* sound of cutting the wind, followed by a *thump* sound of something falling.

There’s a sound, but nothing is hitting Emma.


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“What is it!”

I can hear the flustered voices of those men.











I raise my head timidly…


A flying man…


Then a falling man… sound.

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