n beds.

My dirty body was cleaned, my old open wounds were treated, my starving stomach was filled, and both my physical injuries and wounded heart were healed.


I had only known it from the rumors that there was a Holy Maiden in the royal capital.


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It was mainly spread among merchants, especially tailors, at first.

The people in the port city laughed it off, saying that it was not their first or second time hearing such a rumor.

But the rumor, which was supposed to go away in three days, still didn’t disappear after three days.

It was said that the news about the Holy Maiden had even spread in the commoner town and among the nobles.
Moreover, the people of the slums, who had always made fun of such rumors the most, surprisingly also adored the Holy Maiden.


It was a stupid rumor.


If a Holy Maiden really existed, why didn’t she save me?

I know.

I was just venting my anger.

Of course, a Holy Maiden would not have the time.


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A Holy Maiden couldn’t possibly have the time to save a poor, sick, and uneducated man like me.

That’s what I had thought.


“Jacob-san, I see that you can eat your meal without leaving leftovers now! Please have dessert too.
We have oranges for today.”


The smiling Holy Maiden offered a whole orange to me.

That smile had gradually healed my body, heart, and that painful disease.


I heard that the little children who diligently followed behind the Holy Maiden were all slum children.
Dressed in a white coat similar to what the Holy Maiden wore, the way the children worked looked the same as a well-trained nurse.


Dessert was always included in every breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and they even served us an afternoon snack at 3 o’clock.

The slum children had never touched our meals.
I could not even see a shadow of the slum children who would punch, trick, or worse, kill, for a piece of bread in them.

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