A Feast [Part 1]

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Melsa put a stem of an Over on the table.
She had brought it back as material from Imperial Japan.
The sound of something heavy hitting the table was supposedly something which was impossible to have come from a plant, despite that plant being a monster.

William picked up the Over’s stem from the table and observed it.


“It’s very light despite how hard it is… The stem’s structure is similar to bamboo, isn’t it?”


The stem of Over was hollow on the inside and had nodes with even spaces.
Under the weight of the seeds and leaves, the stem gradually grew supple until the seeds were ready for germination.
Then, when they were ready for germination, the leaves, which act as weights, would fall off the stem at once, causing the stem that had been bent to its limit to recoil and scatter Over’s seeds in the process.

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The scattered seeds had the same attack power as a catapult, and their landing would create an impact which would crush any foreign objects standing in the way of its germination.
Roofs could easily be destroyed by the flying seeds.


“How was this stem cut? Every part of Over is hard and should have been impossible to cut.”


William asked Melsa as he looked at the stem that had been cut to a transportable size.

The dreadful thing about Over was how it couldn’t be cut down.
Even so, a cut Over was now there before his eyes.


“This is the Over that was cut with one of the national treasure swords of Imperial Japan… It’s a katana made by a man named Nagasone Okisato(?), or so I heard.
Imperial Japan keeps several first-rate swords as their national treasure, and some of those swords’ blades were able to pierce through Over.”


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Nagasone… Okisato…?! Emma, a.k.a Minato, a history nerd in her past life, suddenly stood up and exclaimed, “M-Mother!!! Isn’t that Kotetsu?!”




“Mother, who else can it be? What other katanas do they have? Masamune? Muramasa? Kanemitsu???”

[T/N 1: They are all the names of Japan’s famous swordsmiths.
Nagasone Okisato and Kotetsu are the same person (Okisato is his birth name, and Kotetsu is his Buddhist name)]


The family only tilted their heads in confusion in response to Emma’s enthusiasm.
No one seemed to 100% remember their previous lives after all.


“I wonder what the other katanas were called? They didn’t say… But they told me that the katana went blunt after slashing through Over once, you know?”

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Imperial Japan gave Melsa all the information about Over, but they didn’t tell her the names of each katana that cut it.


“How wasteful!!! What a waste of Kotetsu!!!”


Only Emma received a shock upon hearing Melsa’s words.


“So I guess this Kotetsu(?) thing Emma was talkin’ about is a Japanese katana with super cutting powers? If that’s so, wouldn’t it all be resolved if they made a lot of those super cutting katanas and cut Over down…?”


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“All’s good if they can cut Over, no?” George added again.


“Nii-sama… How can a first-rate katana on the level of a national treasure be made so easily? Also, you heard Mother say that it would turn useless after one slash, right? …You will probably need a certain amount of skill to use that kind of katana too… So even if they can cut Over, I think they can only clear out several trunks.”


“Think for a moment before you speak, please.” Emma frowned at her older brother.


“But hey, knowing that it can be cut is also a fruitful discovery, you know, Emma?”


“…That’s true.
But Father? The Kingdom’s swords probably can’t cut through it, and almost all of Imperial Japan’s national treasures have gone blunt.
If Over’s propagation has covered half of Imperial Japan’s land… Even cutting it will be a little difficult, no?”

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